Platform FAQ's:

Support FAQ's:

Platform FAQ's:

Q. What is ANZ FX Online?

A. ANZ Foreign Exchange Online ("FXOnline") is a web based FX dealing platform that allows companies to access real time FX rates across most currencies, transact within predetermined limits, confirm online and settle against nominated beneficiaries.

FX Online is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Q. Why Use FX Online?

A. FX Online is convenient to access and simple to use. In addition to being able to transact foreign exchange and settle against nominated beneficiaries FX Online users can manage their outstanding trades, and view deal histories. Authorized users can also confirm their deals online, saving the need for fax or paper confirmations.

Q. What Products are available on FX Online?

A. The following foreign exchange products are available on FX Online(where permitted):

Q. Can I settle Foreign Exchange via ANZ FX Online?

A. ANZ FX Online gives you the ability to provide payment instructions over the Internet. Users can settle transactions against pre nominated beneficiaries.

Q. FX Online and Internet Security

A. Providing a secure environment for customers to transact foreign exchange across the Internet is a matter of great importance to ANZ FX Online. We provide you with a secure method of accessing the platform, and ask that you keep all PIN numbers and passwords secure. Also we ask that you ensure your anti-virus software is up to date.

Q. Further information about FX Online

A. If you are interested in finding out more about FX Online or would like a demonstration of the platform, please email us at We would be happy to provide further details concerning set up, training and on going use of the platform.

ANZ FX Online System Requirements:

Q. What are the system requirements needed for set-up?

A. There are only a few requirements needed to use ANZ FX Online. Please follow system requirement to view a detailed summary of what system, Internet browser and Java plug-ins are needed to operate the application.

Support FAQ's:

Q. What support is provided to FX Online clients?

A. Global Markets supports FX Online clients in the following ways:

PhoneAustralia 1300 651 324 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST.

Phone New Zealand 0800 730 100 8.30am to 5pm NZ time.