Product features of Schroders Fund Series

Featured: Widely invested in global equity markets, bond markets and US small & mid-cap equities that benefit from domestic economic recovery, flexible allocation of portfolios and robust risk management.

Diversified: A variety of investment currencies and selected funds available for your selection.

Flexible: With strong liquidity and flexibility, purchase or redemption services are offered to you on every working day.

Experienced: Supported by over 130 Schroders professionals worldwide, we provide you with professional investment services.

  • Schroder ISF-Global Bond (PDF 124kB)
  • A global bond fund which invests in a wide range of government and corporate issuers, A maximum of 20% of the fund will be invested in bonds that have a credit rating below investment grade.
  • Global Bond management team of thirteen, supported by over 130 fixed income professionals worldwide.(As at 28 June 2013)
  • Schroder ISF-Global Equity (PDF 116kB)
  • Investors could benefit from equity returns from US, Europe, Asia and emerging markets. Maintaining diversified allocation can minimize single country/industry risk.
  • Unconstrained benchmark; high conviction, focused on fundamentals, we are bottom up stock pickers operating within a coherent macro-economic framework and thematic road map.
  • Schroder ISF-Global Equity Yield (PDF 112kB)
  • The fund focuses on fixed dividend and dividend growing companies, provides investors with fixed
    income return other than bonds.
  • Dividend share classes: 4% annualized dividend yield, 1% quarterly instalments (Please refer to the prospectus for details)
  • Schroder ISF-US Small & Mid-Cap Equity (PDF 124kB)
  • The fund primarily invests in small & mid-cap equities which benefit from US domestic economic recovery, including:
  1. undervalued growth stocks
  2. stable stocks and
  3. potential stocks that can revive later.
  • The fund utilizes low volatility methods to achieve robust risk management, providing investors with opportunities to invest in US small and mid-cap equity.

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  • The product provides various currencies to invest. For details, please refer to the Product Term Sheet.
  • The product offers you the convenience for subscription, redemption and switching on bank business day*, you may adjust your portfolio according to the markets conditions and your personal investment judgment.

Tariff Table

Tariff Applied to Highest rate#
Subscription Fee Mix fund/ equity fund 2.50%
Non mix fund/equity fund (including but not limited to bond fund) 2.00%  
Redemption fee N/A N/A
Switching fee** Applicable to all types of funds 1.00%

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  • Investment product is not a deposit and the product carries risk, so the investor should act prudently.
  • The products are only sold to qualified individuals.
  • The product introduction is for information only. For detailed product description, risk disclosure, disclaimer, please refer to the Product Term Sheet, which shall prevail if any discrepency. The Bank reserves all rights and can change the terms from time to time.
  • Historical performance does not represent future performance, and it's not the guarantee of product performance in the future.

*Business day: The day that Bank opens for business excluding China public holidays and weekend. Before the holidays, bank reveres the right to determine the order application.
**The switching fee is 1% of the amount switched and is based on the currency of the switched amount.
#The tariff is based on the investment currency and the bank reserves the right to change the tariff.
The tariff will reduce the investment return to the investors.

  • Schroders has a history of more than 200 years and with US$388.0 billion under management, including Cazenove Capital assets under management), Schroders is one of the world's leading international specialist asset management institutions.
  • Schroders has offices spanning 27 countries, and now operates one of the largest global networks of any dedicated asset management company. As a result, over 3,400 employees and 380 portfolio managers and analysts are perfectly placed to apply their expertise in serving the needs of discerning investors in all major investment markets.
  • Schroders has almost 40 years investment expertise in Asia Pacific, and now employs a team of over 650 across offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Taipei and Tokyo.

(Data as of 31st March 2013)

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The website (including the information and data shown on such website) directed to by clicking here is provided by Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited and is for reference only.

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