Product features of Henderson

  • Henderson Horizon Global Property Equities Fund (PDF 64kB)
  • The Fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in the quoted securities of property companies or Real Estate Investment Trusts (or their equivalents) listed or traded on a regulated market.
  • The Fund has both the income characteristic of Fixed Income Security and has the potential capital growth characteristic of Equities.
  • Henderson is an established and experienced, award-winning property equity team.
  • Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities Fund (PDF 60kB)
  • The Fund provides the access to Pan European properties securities and REITs as part of a comprehensive investment portfolio.
  • The Fund has both the income characteristic of Fixed Income Security and has the potential capital growth characteristic of Equities.
  • Henderson is an established and experienced, award-winning property equity team.
  • Henderson Horizon Global Technology Fund (PDF 80kB)
  • One of the largest specialist technology managers in Europe:Henderson’s Global Technology team manages US$4bn.
  • Experience matters: Henderson has managed specialist technology assets since 1983 and has delivered a history of out performance.
  • No restrictions on geographical or asset allocation: this allows the fund the diversity and freedom to uncover new and exciting areas of growth potential.

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  • The product provides various currencies to invest. For details, please refer to the Product Term Sheet.
  • The product offers you the convenience for subscription, redemption and switching on bank business day*, you may adjust your portfolio according to the markets conditions and your personal investment judgment.

Tariff Table

Tariff Applied to Highest rate#
Subscription Fee Mix fund/ equity fund 2.50%
Non mix fund/equity fund (including but not limited to bond fund) 2.00%
Redemption fee N/A N/A
Switching fee** Applicable to all types of funds 1.00%

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  • Investment product is not a deposit and the product carries risk, so the investor should act prudently.
  • The products are only sold to qualified individuals.
  • The product introduction is for information only. For detailed product description, risk disclosure, disclaimer, please refer to the Product Term Sheet, which shall prevail if any discrepancy. The Bank reserves all rights and can change the terms from time to time.
  • Historical performance does not represent future performance, and it's not the guarantee of product performance in the future.

*Business day: The day that Bank opens for business excluding China public holidays and weekend. Before the holidays, bank reveres the right to determine the order application.
**The switching fee is 1% of the amount switched and is based on the currency of the switched amount.
#The tariff is based on the investment currency and the bank reserves the right to change the tariff.
The tariff will reduce the investment return to the investors.

Henderson Global Investors is a global asset manager with a strong reputation dating back to 1934. Henderson manages GBP 75.2 billion (as of 31 December 2013) of assets on behalf of clients in the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America and employs approximately 1,000 staff members worldwide. Clients include individuals, private banks, third-party distributors, insurance companies, pension funds, government bodies and corporate entities. As a pure investment manager Henderson offers investments across equities, fixed income and multi-asset as well as alternative products, such as private equity, property and hedge funds.

Headquartered in London and wholly-owned by Henderson Group plc, it is listed on the London Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 and ASX 100 indices.

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