Product features of BlackRock Global Funds

  • BGF European Value Fund (PDF 128kB) 
  • Access to the investment opportunity of European economic recovery:  value oriented fund investing in all cap Pan-European equities. Investors benefit from returns of European value stock benefited from European economic recovery.
  • Highly experienced team: investment team led by Brian Hall with 14 years’ of investment experience with BlackRock in European equity.
  • BGF Global Dynamic Equity Fund (PDF 128kB)
  • Access Global Opportunity: investing in global equities from approximately 35 countries. There is no constrains on country allocation for the fund. It provides access to the full opportunity set of global equity investment opportunities, wherever they may arise. Investors benefit diversified investment so that they never get ‘stuck’ in any one underperforming country or sector.
  • Flexible investment: the fund holds a diversified portfolio with 400-600 stocks. There is no constrains on sector, industry, company allocation. Investors can benefit from the equity return from any types of company globally.
  • BGF Global Allocation Fund (PDF 128kB)
  • A  fund holding both equity, fixed income and cash equivalent: well diversified portfolio holding over 700 securities around 40 countries with exposure for the global core asset. The fund consist different asset classes in entire spectrum, such as equity/bond/currency/precious metals.
  • Sustainable performance: the fund performance is stable and sustainable. Since inception (1997), the fund experiencedmarket up and downturns.. After each market downside, the fund rebound to a new high.
  • BGF World Healthscience Fund (PDF 128kB)
  • Providing access to the full opportunity set of global growth for World Healthscience industry.
  • Experienced investment team with Healthscience background: investment team is composed by PHDs or Post PHDs with professional background from biotech, pharmaceuticals and investment.
  • BGF Global Corporate Bond Fund (PDF 124kB)
  • Disciplined investment process: investment process combines bottom-up research with top-down portfolio construction.
  • Highly experienced team: experienced investment team led by Scott Thiel - head of global bond strategies and Deputy CIO of Fundamental Fixed Income.
  • BGF US Dollar Reserve Fund (PDF 28kB)
  • Target investment-rate money market vehicles with good liquidity.
  • BGF World Energy Fund (PDF 108kB)
  • Broadly exposure to energy sector including exploration and production, oil services, refining and marketing, distribution, and integrated, with flexibility of position in large, mid, and small cap. Participate in the long term growth of energy sector with lower volatility.
  • MorningStar Fund Ratings “Bronze”. Annualized standard deviation in 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr lower than peers.

Notes: BGF is abbreviation of BlackRock Global Funds.

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  • The product provides various currencies to invest. For details, please refer to the Product Term Sheet.
  • The product offers you the convenience for subscription, redemption and switching on bank business day*, you may adjust your portfolio according to the markets conditions and your personal investment judgment.

Tariff Table

Tariff Applied to Highest rate#
Subscription Fee Mix fund/ equity fund 2.50%
Non mix fund/equity fund (including but not limited to bond fund) 2.00%
Redemption fee N/A N/A
Switching fee** Applicable to all types of funds 1.00%

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  • Investment product is not a deposit and the product carries risk, so the investor should act prudently.
  • The products are only sold to qualified individuals.
  • The product introduction is for information only. For detailed product description, risk disclosure, disclaimer, please refer to the Product Term Sheet, which shall prevail if any discrepency. The Bank reserves all rights and can change the terms from time to time.
  • Historical performance does not represent future performance, and it's not the guarantee of product performance in the future.

*Business day: The day that Bank opens for business excluding China public holidays and weekend. Before the holidays, bank reveres the right to determine the order application.
**The switching fee is 1% of the amount switched and is based on the currency of the switched amount.
#The tariff is based on the investment currency and the bank reserves the right to change the tariff.
The tariff will reduce the investment return to the investors.

BlackRock was founded in 1988. It’s one of the world’s leading asset management firms and a premier provider of investment management, risk management and advisory services to institutional, intermediary and retail clients worldwide.

Client – Driven Solutions: Our commitment to investment excellence is anchored in a shared culture that always places a client’s interests first, from retail investors to the world’s largest institutions.

Global Perspective and Presence: Headquartered in New York City, BlackRock employs approximately 12,300 talented professionals and maintains a major presence in key global markets with offices in 30 countries around the world.

Assets Under Management: As at 31 March 2015, BlackRock’s assets under management totaled US$4.77 trillion.

Well Diversified Product Range: BlackRock offers products that span the risk spectrum to meet clients’ needs, including active, enhanced and index strategies across markets and asset classes.

Sophisticated Investment Systems: We offer risk management and strategic advisory services to a broad base of investors based on BlackRock’s long-standing, sophisticated and highly integrated systems.  

(Data as of 31 March 2015)

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The website (including the information and data shown on such website) directed to by clicking here is provided by BlackRock and is for reference only.

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