From 1 July 2017, ANZ will end the new subscriptions and switching to our QDII Fund.

Product features of Baring Fund Series

  • Baring Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency Fund (PDF 52kB)
  • Diversified sources of returns benefitting from four major trends.
  • Baring ASEAN Frontiers Fund (PDF 128kB)
  • Invests in "frontier markets" with huge potential.
  • Genuinely high conviction portfolio.
  • Well defined quality GARP philosophy.
  • In-depth, in-house, and bottom-up research.
  • Baring Asia Balanced Fund (PDF 200kB)
  • Flexible asset allocation.
  • Absolute return driven approach against market volatility.
  • Experienced fund manager.
  • Baring German Growth Trust (PDF 112kB)
  • Identify best investment themes under current QE environment in Europe.
  • Focus on German stocks with low valuation and high growth potential.
  • Baring Global Multi Asset Income Fund (PDF 108kB)
  • Strategic allocation to diversify asset classes, including alternatives and property, to generate sustainable income.
  • Prudent risk management to control volatility at the level lower than equity market.
  • Monthly dividend payment potential#.
  • Baring International Bond Fund (PDF 132kB)
  • The Fund has established for more than 37 years, it remains robust after multiple rounds of long and short markets.
  • The Fund focuses on investing in developed markets, supplemented by emerging markets, aiming to capture the opportunities across the global bond market.
  • The Fund seeks to obtain flexible multi-currency investment opportunities by rigorous and all-rounded analysis.

#Fees and expenses of the Fund may be paid out of capital which results in distribution effectively paid out of capital. Distribution may be paid out of capital at the discretion of the Manager. Payment of distribution out of capital amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor’s original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment and would result in an immediate reduction in the net asset value of the Fund.

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  • The product provides various currencies to invest. For details, please refer to the Product Term Sheet.
  • The product offers you the convenience for subscription, redemption and switching on bank business day*, you may adjust your portfolio according to the markets conditions and your personal investment judgment.

Tariff Table

Tariff Applied to Highest rate#
Subscription Fee Bond fund 2.50%
Mix fund/ equity fund 2.00%
Redemption fee N/A N/A
Switching fee** Applicable to all types of funds 1.00%

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  • Investment product is not a deposit and the product carries risk, so the investor should act prudently.
  • The products are only sold to qualified individuals.
  • The product introduction is for information only. For detailed product description, risk disclosure, disclaimer, please refer to the Product Term Sheet, which shall prevail if any discrepency. The Bank reserves all rights and can change the terms from time to time.
  • Historical performance does not represent future performance, and it's not the guarantee of product performance in the future.

* Business day: The day that Bank opens for business excluding China public holidays and weekend. Before the holidays, bank reveres the right to determine the order application.
** The switching fee is 1% of the amount switched and is based on the currency of the switched amount.
# The tariff is based on the investment currency and the bank reserves the right to change the tariff.
The tariff will reduce the investment return to the investors.

  • Barings is a US$284+ billion global asset management firm dedicated to meeting the evolving investment and capital needs of our clients.
  • We build lasting partnerships that leverage our distinctive expertise across traditional and alternative asset classes to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service.
  • A member of the MassMutual Financial Group, Barings maintains a strong global presence with over 600 investment professionals and offices in 17 countries.

(Source: Investment Professionals as at 30 September 2016).

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The information is distributed by Australia and New Zealand Bank (China) Company Limited (“ANZ China”).  An investment or facility with ANZ China is neither a deposit with nor liability of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (“ANZ Bank”).

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