Studying in Australia – ANZ “1+1 for Student” overseas study service

ANZ “1+1 for Student” overseas study service provides seamless banking service for those who plan to study in Australia and is the best choice for overseas students and their parents.

ANZ China’s Signature Priority Banking gives you priority banking client services for students studying abroad. Open a 1+1 package now to enjoy ANZ's network of 814 branches and 2660 ATMs in Australia apart from below benefits.

Before leaving China, your children going to Australia to study will enjoy the following:

After arriving in Australia you child will enjoy:

From China you can follow you child's banking account status, whenever you like and will enjoy the following priority benefits:

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Studying in New Zealand

Travelling to a different country is exciting, but it can be challenging too. And there are many things to plan before students leave home. One of these is their finances: how will they manage their money while in New Zealand.

ANZ offers international students from Mainland China and Hong Kong the ANZ Student Package. This is made up of two bank accounts: an interest-earning holding account and an easy-access transaction account. Our dual-account system helps speed up students’ visa application and gives them the security and flexibility during their stay in New Zealand.

Our Chinese speaking teams in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou can talk to you today about:

ANZ is the top bank in New Zealand, with 316 branches and over 900 ATMs.

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