Investment product is not a deposit, the product carries risk, investor should act prudently,

What is a Dual Currency Investment?

A Dual Currency Investment is a short-term investment product for investors with exposure to two currencies. It is a non-principal protected investment product.

When you invest in a Dual Currency Investment, you need to decide the investment amount, the investment currency, the investment tenor and another alternate currency that you are comfortable receiving your investment in. A part or all of the return that you will receive represents the premium for the option that you sold to the bank.

You can earn an enhanced yield and at maturity, the Principal Amount and Return Amount will be paid in either the Investment Currency or the Alternate Currency (an Alternate Currency pre-defined by you), converted at the pre-selected foreign exchange ("Strike") rate.

You may select any of the major tradable currencies offered by our bank, in which you hold a natural exposure and which you are comfortable to hold in the future.

Features at glance

Enjoy the many benefits of a Dual Currency Investment

How does a Dual Currency Investment work?

An example:

Note: The hypothetical scenarios set forth below are for Illustrative purposes only, and are not representative of historical, actual or future performance.


You place USD 50,000 in a 30-day Dual Currency Investment. You choose AUD as the Alternate Currency.

Investment Currency USD
Alternate Currency AUD
Principal Amount USD 50,000
Tenor 30 Days
Indicative Spot 0.8700
Strike 0.8650
Potential Yield (p.a) 13.39%

Best Scenario

At the maturity Date:
If the prevailing market rate at expiry is above the Strike rate, say 0.8820, you will receive your principal and return in USD.

Principal:   USD 50,000

Return:     USD 50,000 x 13.39% x 30 / 360 = USD 557.92

Total:       USD 50,557.92

Worst Scenario

At the maturity Date:
If the prevailing market rate at expiry is equal to or below the Strike rate, say 0.8000, you will receive your principal and return in AUD converted at the Strike rate and if taking "Spot rate at maturity = 0.8000" as an example

Principal: USD 50,000

Return in Investment Currency:
USD 50,000 X 13.39% X 30 / 360 = USD 557.92

Maturity Payment to customer:
USD 50,557.92 / 0.8650 = AUD 58,448.46

If you decide to convert the AUD back to USD immediately at the prevailing market exchange rate, you will experience a principal loss:

AUD 58,448.46 X 0.8000 = USD 46,758.77

Principal loss = USD 3,241.23

If you decide to hold the AUD, you may suffer much more losses, if the AUD further depreciates against USD.

What type of investors is a Dual Currency Investment suitable for?

Dual Currency Investments are suitable for those

You should understand the risks inherent in the Underlying and possess the relevant investment experience.

What are the key risks of a Dual Currency Investment?

Principal risk
A Dual Currency Investment is a non-principal protected investment product but not a traditional deposit, and should not be treated as a substitute for a traditional deposit.

Liquidity risk
Any early withdrawal or early termination of this product by you before maturity is not permitted.

Foreign exchange risk
A Dual Currency Investment is subject to foreign exchange fluctuations which may affect the principal and the return on your investment.

You may be exposed to foreign exchange risk as the Investment Currency may not be your preferred home currency of choice. You may incur potential foreign exchange losses if you convert the Investment Currency or Alternate Currency at maturity back to your preferred home currency.

Foreign exchanged controls may be imposed by the country issuing the foreign currency from time to time and may delay or prevent the repayment of the Principal Amount and Return Amount to you.

The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in the Dual Currency Investment unless you are satisfied that you understand the investment nature, sought independent financial advice and /or you have determined that the product is suitable for you taking into account your financial situation, risk appetite, investment experience and investment objectives.

How do I purchase this product?

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