For wealth management product holders, you may continue to hold your wealth management products until maturity and we will continue to offer early redemption terms (for full redemption only) if you wish to sell such products in advance pursuant to the terms and conditions of such products. We will not provide any new wealth management services after the Effective Time.

Aberdeen Fund Series

Focusing on Asia Pacific and Japanese Equity Fund.

BlackRock Global Fund Series

Diversified Investment Solution to optimize your assets.

Legg Mason Fund Series

Schroders Fund Series

Help you to catch the global growth opportunities.

Baring Fund Series

Provides you with opportunities to share Asia Pacific emerging countries fast growth.

Product related information may change from time to time, so the key risks may change accordingly. Please visit Product information change notice for more details and to ensure that you fully understand the investment risks.

Risk Disclosure

Warning: Investment Product is not a deposit, the product carries risk, and investor should act prudently.