Studying and Moving to Australia – ANZ ‘1+1’ Banking Services

From China to Australia, you can enjoy simple and convenient financial services as well as exclusive rewards with your family and friends by choosing ANZ ‘1+1’.

Enjoy the following professional overseas financial services free of charge.

  • Overseas remittance from China to Australia.
  • Overseas ANZ account openings before departure.
  • Account management fee wavier in ANZ Australia.
  • 24-hour instant remittance services.
  • Deposit certificate services.
  • 24-hour online banking services.
  • Receive an ANZ debit card upon arrival in Australia.


  • Enjoy preferential rates for foreign currency time deposits and AUD exchange rates that are exclusively for ANZ Signature Priority Banking clients.
  • Your personal relationship manager will provide personalised client services with expert advice and guidance to meet your financial needs.
  • Be invited to attend exclusive seminars and events, including financial and wealth management seminars that offer in-depth industry and market insights to help you maximize your wealth.
  • ANZ has extensive an extensive network, including 790 branches and 2700 ATMs across Australia as of end Jan, 2014.
  • There are more than 60 bilingual service branches in Australia that are dedicated to international banking services to make it easier for you to accommodate in new environment.
  • ANZ has been issued “AA-” long term issuer rating by Standard & Poor’s (S&P), with a “stable credit rating outlook”.


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Terms & Conditions

  1. All of the above privileges are only for qualified ANZ 1+1 customers who are eligible ANZ China Signature Priority Banking customers and have overseas account successfully opened with ANZ Australia. An eligible ANZ Signature Priority Banking customer should has the total balance of deposit and investment account under one single customer number no less than USD50, 000 or equivalent.
  2. Remittance fee
    1. When you successfully become a qualified “1+1” customer, the commission fee arising from your remittance from ANZ China to the accounts opened with ANZ Australia by you or your relatives and friends (two at most) will be reduced or exempted;
    2. The remittance currency is limited to Australian dollar, and the reduction or exemption of commission fee is only applicable to transactions valued 1,000 Australian dollars or above;
    3. The reduced and exempted remittance charges include commission fee, cable charge and intermediate bank charges;
    4. Please choose the remittance command “BY OURS” upon doing remittance. Where remittance is made through fax command, please indicate 1+1 customers in the “Remark”.
  3. 24-Hour instant remittance services
    The two accounts for telegraphic transfer need to comply with relevant regulations and laws of ANZ China and ANZ Australia in relation to remittance services. Instant remittance service is not applicable to remittance made via fax instruction or third-part courier. Successful instant remittance depends on following requirements:
    1. Transferred money to Australia via telegram before 12:00AM (Beijing Time) can arrive in the same day;
    2. The remittance currency is only limited to Australian dollar;
    3. The information provided for remittance must be accurate;
    4. The Bank does not responsible for the accuracy of remittance information;
  4. Free account management fee
    1. Monthly AUD$5 account management fee will be charged across branches of ANZ Australia. For application online, AUD$5 account management fee will be exempted for 12 months after application is made;
    2. For full-time overseas students, AUD$5 account management fee will be exempted during study period;
    3. ANZ Australia reserves the rights to ultimately interpret the terms and conditions of accounts across branches of ANZ Australia.;
  5. 24-Hour online banking services
    If you have applied for such service when opening an account in Australia, you will get your username and password;
  6. Seminars
    ANZ China will organize pre-departure seminars, covering topics of immigration, overseas study and financial services. Experts and professionals will be invited to answer your questions;
  7. Receive a Debit Card of ANZ Australia
    You will be informed to collect your debit card at the nearest ANZ branch. Your passport is mandatory as the verification of your identity;
  8. Preferential AUD Deposit Interest Rates
    Interest rate of ANZ Bank is subjected to change from time to time;
  9. Preferential AUD Exchange Rates
    Exchange rate is limited to transaction amount equal to USD$ 25,000 or above;
  10. Supervising the financial position of children’s account via Online Banking
    Supervising services have to be applied along with account opening, Children’s authorization is mandatory;
  11. ANZ China reserves the rights to ultimately interpret the terms and conditions of this campaign.