ANZ Future Leader Award. Unlimited future for you. 10 winners will win: AUD 5,000 cash award such.

ANZ now launches a Future Leader Award to bring you and your family a bright and unlimited future.

10 winners will win: AUD 5000 cash award each.

Opens a door to your dream.

Extension Notice

The campaign is warmly welcomed by students, and considering all feedbacks collected we’d like to extend the application deadline to 31 July 2014.  The selection deadline will also be extended, and you can find details in the Terms and Conditions.

We are looking forward to your participation.  ANZ will be the strong backup team for your successful future!

Please submit online query form with "Future Leader Award" to acquire application form.

How to participate

Download and complete the application form as required, submit it with an English essay themed as "My Future is Not a Dream" within 500 words to the mail:

Please refer to application form for detail requirements of essay. Application forms must be received by 31 July 2014.

The participant should meet below requirements:

  1. The participant should be Chinese citizen who lives or works in mainland China.
  2. Aged 16 years old or above.
  3. The student will study or already started study in Australia (undergraduate or postgraduate), who have received the letter of offer, or hold an student card of an Australian university, and study start day should be within January 2013 to March 2015.

call iconDial 400-920-8880 or +86 21 6169 6127 (Overseas) for more information.

contact us Send an email to for your enquiry.

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Primary selection
Before 15 August, 2014, 10 participants will be selected from each group of postgraduate and undergraduate to enter the final competition.

Final Competition
Before 31 August, 2014, final 10 winners (5 from each group) will be selected through a formal interview* to win the cash award.

* Detailed interview time and winning announcement will be informed separately.

  1. This activity is hosted by Australia and New Zealand Bank (China) Company Limited, simplified as ANZ China, the host as below; and supported by Australian Trade Commission. The activity participants, simplified as the participants, should confirm and apply the terms and conditions by submitting the application to participate the activity.
  2. Activity Period: February 18, 2014 to 31 August, 2014.
  3. All the participants who enter the final interview should bring along the original materials on the interview day and ensure veracity of those materials. Also, the final winners will receive an award confirmation letter before 7 September 2014. The host keeps the right to check veracity with Australian universities and those who cheated in the application will be disqualified.
  4. Participants participate the activity agree that the host can use their words, information, portrait, photo, video, voice or comments in the related media such as Internet, TV, broadcasting, or print during or after the activity. The host will not request for further agreement or authorization when using above-mentioned information in above-mentioned media.
  5. The cash award of 10 winners will be deposited to their ANZ Australia account. If winners do not have an ANZ Australia account, they should make appointment of account opening before they are leaving for Australia and activate their account when they arrive. The cash award will be deposited to their ANZ Australia account in 20 working days after they activate their account, and no personal tax is required. The activation deadline of ANZ Australia account is June 30, 2015, otherwise it will be considered as surrendering cash award automatically.
  6. ANZBGL in Australia has the right of explaining the details of the cash award.
  7. The participants of this activity should not be the staffs or staff relatives of ANZ China, or other related third parties.
  8.  If there's any query on the activity mechanics, awards details, complaint, etc, please send email to the mail box of
  9. The participants of the activity should agree:
  1. The participants should read Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting the application. By applying the award, the participant totally understands and agrees with all terms and conditions of the activity. Once the application information is submitted, the participant cannot withdraw or revise it.
  2. The participants should provide complete and accurate information to apply for the award. He or she cannot use others' information to participate the activity by any means. The participant should guarantee he or she will not violate the laws or others rights including but not limited to portrait right and copy right when providing words, photos, and other related certificates; or the outcome or responsibilities should be taken by himself or herself.
  3. The participant should ensure the veracity and accuracy of his or her personal information including name, contact number, email address and others.  If there's any change, he or she should inform ANZ China timely. If ANZ China fails to reach the participant to attend the competition or claim the award due to the information is inaccurate or changed, ANZ China will not take any responsibility.


1. The participant agrees to take the responsibility of the potential risks of themselves.

2. The host will try best to ensure smooth progress of the activity.  However the host will not take any guarantee on items including but not limited to meeting the participants’ all needs, no-blackout of the activity, timely service, security and no-errors.

3. The reliability of the data acquired by the host through the activity is determined by the participants themselves.  The participant should take full responsibilities of themselves.  The host will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or inherited damage.

4. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and the English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

5. ANZ China has the sole discretion to amend the gifts and terms and conditions of this campaign from time to time without prior notification. ANZ China reserves the rights to ultimately interpret the terms and conditions of this campaign.

© ANZ [Feb 2014]