1. What are the types of acceptable properties?

The following types of properties are eligible for this home loan:

2. Can I take up this home loan for properties located in any cities in China?

Properties eligible for this home loan are owner-occupied residential properties in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.

3. What is pre-assessment?

Our mortgage specialist will work with you to understand your personal circumstances, your income, expenditure and the property you are looking to purchase and provide you with an indicative borrowing amount and pre-assessment.

4. Can I choose the loan tenures?

Loan tenor will be between 5 to 30 years with the following conditions:

5. How are my repayments calculated?

Interest is calculated using the ‘straight line’ method.

6. What repayment methods are available for ANZ loan instalments?

We will automatically debit your current ANZ account for the installment amount on the repayment due date.

7. Are there penalties if my installment repayment is late?

Yes, if you miss an installment or your repayment is late, you will be charged penalty interest for each day your repayment is in arrears, based on a daily rate.