Important message for Internet Banking customers

Customers have recently been targeted with a hoax email leading to a false bank website.

The email asks ANZ customers to confirm their account information by clicking on the link provided in the e-mail. When the link in the email is clicked on, a false ANZ Internet Banking log on page appears and account information may be captured if details are entered.

Under no circumstances should you click on the link, reply to the email or provide any of the requested details.

Always ensure that you only log on to ANZ Transactive by typing into the address bar, rather than following links to ANZ's website. Disregard any emails that advise otherwise.

Customers who have received this type of email and are concerned should contact the ANZ Transactive Support Centre on toll-free number 10800 265 2498 (China South) or 10800 650 0527 (China North), 8:30am-6:00pm Singapore Standard Time, Monday to Friday. International callers dial +65 6637 3838 (international call rates may apply).