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Forward Exchange Contracts

A Forward Exchange Contract is a contract between two parties (the Bank and the customer). One party contracts to sell and the other party contracts to buy one currency for another, at an agreed future date, at a rate of exchange which is fixed at the time the contract is entered into.


Once executed, a forward exchange contract is a committed obligation of the bank and customer. If more flexibility is required, consider Foreign Currency Options.

Foreign Currency Options

Foreign Currency Options offer a fixed exchange rate for a future date if rates move adversely, but also provide the added flexibility of being able to use the prevailing spot rate if rates have moved favourably.

If you buy a foreign currency option, you get the right to choose, on an agreed future date, whether you want to exercise the option and transact at the options exchange rate or not. If the spot rate is more favourable than the options exchange rate, then you will choose to transact at the spot rate. However, if the spot rate is less favourable you may use the option.

For this right to choose, you will pay a premium at the outset (as you would for insurance). Options give you more flexibility in selecting the exchange rate you want to cover at. However, the more favourable the exchange rate you select, the higher the premium cost will be.

Options can also be used to hedge uncertain exposures. The maximum cost will be the premium amount paid for the option. Options can be structured in many ways to assist you in the management of your foreign exchange exposures.

The products chosen by the customer would be expected to reflect a combination of the customer’s attitude to risk, overall exposure management objectives and broad view on the future movements of the foreign exchange market.

This information is not intended as a substitute to you assessing whether a particular product is suitable for you and obtaining your own financial advice. For further explanation of product features, please speak to one of our dealers.