With more than 1000 specialist advisers and a global network, ANZ is a trusted leader in the world’s financial markets.  In ANZ China, the Global Markets team works with clients across several key areas, including structuring and customer solutions, corporate and institutional sales, commodities, trading and syndications.

Structuring and Customer Solutions

The Global Markets team of ANZ China is focused on adding tangible value to our clients in China through the development and execution of risk management strategies, with the support from product and structuring specialists of ANZ.

The team utilise a powerful quantitative financial modeling technique to analyse financial market risk arising from foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price movements. We specialise in helping clients structure asset and liability management solutions and create solutions to meet their transactional hedging and translation exposure needs.

Corporate and Institutional Sales

Our sales teams combine ANZ’s global capacity, local market expertise and a deep understanding of asset and liability classes to provide clients with customised solutions.

We offer a full suite of products, from traditional asset classes such as FX and fixed income to innovative products in commodity derivatives and emerging markets.

We specialise in interest rate and FX products, liability and investment products, and structured investment products across asset class.


ANZ has developed commodities solutions for clients for more than a decade. ANZ specialises in all common commodities, including precious metals (e.g. Gold), base metals (copper), agriculture (soybeans), energy (oil) and Environment (Carbon trading).

The Global Markets team of ANZ China understands each client’s unique risk management circumstances and profiles and customise products to suit their needs.


ANZ specialises in Rates (e.g. IRS), FX (USD/RMB), and Commodities (Gold).

ANZ China has capable and dedicated traders in FX, rates, and commodities in Shanghai. They are supported by dozens of ANZ’s specialist traders across Asia.

Traders close to the local market could offer advice to clients if required.


ANZ specialises in syndicated loans (structured and corporate debt), which are ideal for ongoing capital diversification, acquisition-based financing and cross-border capital investments.

ANZ’s syndication team facilitates access to multiple pools of investor capital via its extensive distribution network in Australia, NZ and Asia.

The team includes syndicated debt markets specialists along with local and international finance experts.

Services include structuring, underwriting and distributing financing solutions for corporate and structured transactions across the full debt product suite.