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    Transaction Banking

     Direct Debit
    Would you like to have payments automatically drawn from your client’s accounts into your company’s account on a pre-arranged basis? ANZ’s Direct Debit service allows you to do this and more. You simply lodge a direct debit formatted file with ANZ and your customers’ accounts are debited, then your account is bulk credited.

    This service is ideal for any business that receives regular payments from the same debtors. By using the Direct Debit service, you receive your money on time and your customers enjoy an easier and more convenient way of making payments.

    Direct Debit provides a number of additional benefits for your business:

    Debtors always pay on time
    You no longer have to rely on ‘the cheque in the mail’. Debtors always pay on time and on a date of the user’s choosing (subject to availability of funds). The regular collection of premiums; policies with premiums collected by Direct Debit are also less likely to lapse.

    Improved Cash flow
    You can significantly improve your cash flow because Direct Debit supplies you with a date when funds will be available. The debits can be of variable amounts or frequency to accommodate the customers’ current payment arrangements.

    Reduced paperwork and preparation time
    You will no longer have outstanding invoices to reconcile and chase. Funds are taken directly from your customer’s account and paid into your company account. This not only means less paperwork but minimises your preparation time and the number of trips to the branch, saving you significant administrative and postage costs and reducing the risk of having cash on your premises.

    Automatic reporting of dishonour payments
    The Returned Items module of ANZ OnLine provides saving automatic reporting of dishonoured payments for saving you further time and expense.

    To find out more about the Direct Debit service then please enquire online via our Enquiry Form or phone 1800 660 010.

    NOTE : eligibility for this product is subject to ANZ's assessment