How do I reset my Esandanet password?
Please call the Esandanet Help Desk on 1800 069 908 and have your Login and Abacus ID details ready to process the password reset.
How do I monitor a submitted application?
Choose 'Credit Assessment Menu' from the main menu then search for the current deal you submitted. Select 'Inquiry' to review the current status of the application and the 'Comments' section to read the analyst comments.
How do I monitor a submitted settlement?
Choose 'Request Settlement' from the main menu then type in the Source of Business (SoB) and Assessment number for the queried deal. Press F7 to search and bring up the current status. To view comments, type an ‘x’ next to the deal and select 'View Comments'. Remember to press 'Page Down' when a + sign appears to view the latest comments.
How do I resubmit a deal without modifying it?
View the deal from the 'Credit Assessment Monitor' menu.
Type an ‘x’ next to the deal you need to resubmit and select F10 'Maintain'.
Select 'Y' to confirm you want to resubmit the deal.
How do I get a settlement confirmation?
A settlement confirmation is faxed automatically to you by the system at the time of settlement.
Please ensure you update your preferred fax number on the settlement fax header as the supplier fax number.
I have a payout amount on the system, how do I get a payout letter?
Please email your payout letter requests to and any similar requests such as direct debit forms and statements.
Remember to include a signed privacy statement if the deal was not introduced by you to obtain details on an account.
 How do we change our Source of Business (SoB) to load a deal?
When first logging into the Esandanet system you will have an option for F4 'Next SoB', select this and then choose the appropriate SoB depending on the deal being submitted.