Acceptable payment methods : The payment methods by which your receive BPAY payments. For example Debit account (Cheque,Savings account) or Credit Card account.
Biller : Your organisation.
Biller Institution : Your nominated Financial Institution participating in the BPAY scheme.
Biller Code : A unique BPAY number assigned to you by your Biller Institution.
Biller Long name : This is your trading name. It needs to be meaningful to your customer and should be similar to your short name. It can be up to 50 characters long including spaces.
Biller Short name : This is the name by which your organisation is commonly known. It needs to be meaningful to your customer and should be similar to your long name. It can be up to 20 characters long including spaces.
Billing account : This is the account from which your fees will be debited.
Check Digit : A number that is used to ensure that your customer enters their CRN correctly. Every BPAY CRN contains a Check Digit which is calculated based on the Customer Reference Number itself.
Check Digit Routine : The name of the check digit rule used to generate the Check Digit. If you are using the CRN Generator tool, the check digit routine is MOD10V01.
CRN : The Customer Reference Number displayed on your invoice that identifies the account or bill be paid and includes the Check Digit Number.
CRN location : The location of the CRN on your bill. For example, next to the BPAY logo.
Variable CRN : Variable CRN is where the CRN changes for each bill or invoice.
Minimum payment : Minimum amount you accept for each transaction processed via BPAY. Minimum payment amounts must be $0.01 or greater.
Maximum payment : Maximum payment amount you accept for a BPAY payment.
Payer : The individual or organisation paying your bill.
Payer Institution : The payer's nominated Financial Institution.
Settlement account : Account where your BPAY payments will be credited to.
Settlement date : The date on which payments are made before the Payer Institution's cut of time on a Banking Business Day.

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