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What is the National Broadband Network (NBN)?
The NBN is the upgrade of the existing telecommunications infrastructure with a high-speed national broadband network Australia-wide. The majority of this upgrade will require fibre optic cable and NBN equipment to be installed from the street to the outside of your building, as well as throughout the inside of your building. Satellite technologies will be utilised to reach remote areas of Australia.

How will the NBN benefit you?
The NBN should benefit you via faster internet and phone services. The Australian Government believes the NBN network may provide opportunities for your business to increase productivity, save time and money and have the ability to compete on a global scale.

Will your ANZ merchant terminal be affected by the NBN?
ANZ has undertaken comprehensive testing and can confirm that all of our terminals will operate correctly on the NBN. Your ANZ merchant terminal is NBN-capable.

When will you be upgraded to the NBN?
The NBN rollout will begin on May 23rd 2014. From this date, the current copper network will be gradually disconnected. You can check the progress of the NBN rollout and when your area will be upgraded via the NBN Co website.

What should you do prior to May 23rd 2014?
ANZ recommends that you contact your telecommunications service provider to confirm:
  • That the service you are requesting will support a standard dial service (this will enable your current dial up ANZ terminal to connect to ANZ via the NBN) and;
  • That your service provider will install any cabling required to connect the new NBN access point to the existing telephone point used by your EFTPOS terminal.

For more information on the NBN and how it will affect your business, visit the NBN Co website.