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OnlineShoppingTips.html Use a Secure Web Browser
Look out for the lock image at the bottom of your browser and a URL that begins with https://. These signs indicate that only you and the merchant can view your payment information.
Enhanced Security with Verified by Visa
Verified by Visa provides you with a personal password such that only you, the true cardholder, can complete a transaction online. For more information, visit your local Visa website.
Keep Your Password Secret
Some online stores require you to register your user name and password before buying an item. Just as you keep your ATM code secret, keep your password to yourself. Do the same for your Verified by Visa password.

Protect Your Card Details
Only provide your Visa card details when making purchases - do not provide them for any other reason (e.g., proof of age).
Never Send Payment Information Via Email
Information that travels by email is not fully protected from being read by unintended parties. Most reputable merchant sites use encryption technologies that will protect your private data from being accessed by others as you conduct an online transaction.
Beware of Phishing and Spoofing
Fraudulent email and websites that appear to be from financial institutions or merchants (known as “phishing”) are emerging to steal cardholder information. Be discriminating when asked for your card information. Visa, as an example, does not initiate contact with cardholders by email or phone to seek personal or confidential information. You can report email fraud claiming to be from Visa by attaching the suspicious message to an email addressed to
If you suspect you have given away confidential information to a fraudulent site, contact the financial institution that issued your Visa card immediately.
Check Delivery and Return Policies
Read the delivery and return policies on the online store’s home page before completing the purchase. Find out if you can return items and who bears the cost.

Privacy Statement
Understand the merchant’s privacy policies and how data is processed.
Keep a Record of Your Transactions
Keep a record of all your transactions - just in case you need to return an item or have a question about your purchase.

Track your Monthly Account Statement
Report unauthorized transactions immediately to your financial institution for investigation to prevent any possible additional fraud.