ANZ Shareholder - Change of Address Notification Advice

 Investment Holder and Numbers

Name of Company in which the investment is held (PLEASE USE BLOCK LETTERS)

Security Holder Reference Number (SRN)
(For certified or issuer sponsored holdings)
Holder Identification Number (HIN)
(For CHESS holdings)



 Existing Holder Details

Title Given Name(s) Surname(s) or Company Name(s)




 Address Details

Current Registered Address (Old Address)

New Address


I/We request you to amend the registered address in your records to the above address.

Signature(s) (see instructions section below) Date        Company Seal




 Instructions for Completion of this Form

Form Applicability: This form may be used to change or amend a security holder’s registered address. Should it be necessary to amend or correct the details relating to the name of the registered holder, SRA Form 2 must be used, however any material change, other than as a result of marriage etc, must be made by way of a standard transfer.

CHESS Holdings: If a CHESS holding, this form should be forwarded to the sponsoring participant.

Signatures: This advice is to be signed by the holder of the securities, all joint holders must sign, company advices are to be signed under the common seal or when signed by a duly authorised attorney the relevant power of attorney must be exhibited to the registry. If signed under power of attorney, the attorney declares that he/she has no notice of revocation of the power of attorney.

Certificated Holdings: There should be no need to return your share certificate following a change to your registered address, unless you specifically require a new certificate.

Uncertificated CHESS Holdings: This form must be forwarded to the CHESS sponsoring broker or non-broker participant.

Uncertificated Issuer Sponsored Holdings: This form must be forwarded to the issuer’s registry.