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What is the All Accounts - Transactions page?

On this page all your transactions are automatically categorised by the ANZ MoneyManager categorisation engine.


What if a category is incorrect or uncategorised?

If the category assigned to one or more of your transactions are incorrect or uncategorised, you can manually assign categories. To do this, simple click on the category listed and a dropdown list will appear. Select the appropriate category from the list.


Filtering transaction history

You can filter your transaction history in a number of ways by tweaking the, Select Account(s), Select Category and Select Time Period drop downs and then selecting show.


How do I mark individual transactions as medical, business, or tax-deductible?

You can assign memo information and transaction classes for each of your transactions from the View All Transactions page.

  1. Click the Transaction Description and write a little reminder or memo to help you distinguish one transaction from another.
  2. Select the transaction class as either medical, business, or tax-deductible.
  3. Click Save for your changes to take effect.


What does split mean and how can I split transactions?

If a particular transaction falls under multiple categories, ANZ MoneyManager enables you to 'split' transactions. For example, you may want to split a $100 ATM withdrawal transaction into different categories that best represent how the cash was spent - $20 on groceries, $50 on petrol, $30 general merchandise.)

  1. Select the 'split' tab located in the 'description' of each transaction
  2. Enter a description name for the transaction
  3. Select the specific category you want the segment of the transaction to fall into.
  4. Enter the specific amount for this segment of the transaction
  5. Edit the memo/transaction class fields
  6. SAVE the split transaction and repeat as required.


How do I review individual account transactions all at once or over different time periods or categories?

You can view transactions for all of your accounts by selecting the All Accounts option from the "Select Account" drop-down box. You can also select the time period for which these transactions are to be displayed. It can either be 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, this week, last week, this month, last month, this year, last year or all transactions. You can see transactions for a specific category using the "Select Category" drop-down box or use the All Categories option.


How do I use the Transaction Search feature?

Transaction Search allows you to find any of your transactions without having to remember the exact details such as the account you used, the exact date of the transaction, or the exact name of the payee. In the Search field, specify any value that you want to search for and click Search. The Transaction Search Results page displays transactions that match the search criteria.


How do I view All Transactions/Transaction History?

ANZ MoneyManager stores all transactions and history information available for your account from the time that it was created. Select All Transactions from the Select Time Period drop-down box to view all transactions and history information.


How can I export complete transactional data?

You can export transaction data that is complete by clicking Export completed transactions on the Account Details page. You are prompted to either save or open the CSV file that include transaction data.