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What does the Portfolio Manager do?

Portfolio Manager will display your share and option investments. To add investments, search for the institution using 'Add Accounts'.

If your institution is not supported, you can add the investment as a 'Manual Account'.


How do I group my holdings in different ways?

To group holdings in different ways, select the grouping option you prefer (Account or Holding) from the menu and click Show.


How do I chart my Portfolio?

Click the View Portfolio Chart link in the Portfolio Change section.

Charting views are provided for both Portfolio and Asset allocation.

Please note: The historical chart is built on a cumulative basis. At the end of each month, the Portfolio Manager value is stored to create, over the subsequent months, a rolling 12-month chart. Because of this fact, when you initially view the chart, you may only see a limited number of datapoints.

For point-in-time charting purposes, ANZ MoneyManager uses the latest data available for the accounts being charted, beginning with the current data and moving backward until valid data is available. This corresponds with what is shown in the application (generally data is current after a refresh, but may not be current if there is a refresh error).


How do I refresh my accounts in Portfolio Manager?

To refresh your account, click the Update link below the account name within each module.


How do I access a printer-friendly version of the Portfolio Manager module?

You can access a printer-friendly version of any page in ANZ MoneyManager. Click on the Printable View link that appears on the top right of the page. This will launch a new window with the information formatted to allow you to print it. You can select Print from the File menu to then print the page.


How do I select which accounts to display in the Portfolio Manager?

You can select which accounts you want to display in the Portfolio Manager module -

  1. Click the Edit Portfolio Preferences link on the top-right of the Portfolio Manager module.
  2. On the Customise Portfolio Display page, to select the accounts to display in the module, select or clear the check boxes next to the account name.
  3. Click Update Settings to save the changes.