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Net Worth Statement

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What is the Net Worth Statement?

The Net Worth Statement displays your accounts and balances in a personalised balance sheet format, categorising your assets and liabilities and calculating your total net worth (Please note: this only displays the net worth of what you have added to ANZ MoneyManager and chosen to include in your Net Worth).

Your assets and liabilities are sorted into categories such as Banking, Investments and Credit Cards.


What is Net Worth Change?

On the right hand side of the Net Worth Statement, changes to your Net Worth are displayed. It shows how the value of your Net Worth has altered in both dollars and as a percentage for a specific period. You can click the View Net Worth Chart link to view changes in your Net Worth over time.


How do I chart my Net Worth?

Click the View Net Worth Chart link to open a page that displays several charted views of your Net Worth. You'll see:

Please note: The historical chart is built on a cumulative basis. At the end of each month, the net worth value is stored to create, over the subsequent months, a rolling 12 month chart. Because of this fact, when you initially view the chart, you may only see a limited number of data.

For point-in-time charting purposes ANZ MoneyManager uses the latest data available for the accounts being charted, beginning with the current data and moving backward until valid data is available. This corresponds with what is shown in the application (generally data is current after a refresh, but may not be current if there is a refresh error).


How do I access a printer-friendly version of my Net Worth Statement?

You can access a printer-friendly version of any page in ANZ MoneyManager. Click on the Printable View link that appears on the top right of the page. This will launch a new window with the information formatted to allow you to print it. You can select Print from the File menu to then print the page.


How do I select different account views to display in the Net Worth Statement page?

You can choose to view your Net Worth statement for all accounts or for individual account groups that you created. (To create an account group go to "Add and Manage Accounts" then click on "Account Groups" and follow the prompts.

To select a different account view:

  1. Select the account/account group from the Account View drop-down menu.
  2. Click Show for the Net Worth statement page to display the net worth statement for your account/account group.


How do I select which accounts to display on the Net Worth Statement page?

To select which accounts you want to display in the Net Worth Statement:

  1. Click the Edit Net Worth Preferences link.
  2. On the Customise Net Worth Display page, select or clear the check boxes next to the account name for the accounts that you want to display in the Net Worth Statement.
  3. Click the Update Settings to save your changes.