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Custom Categorisation Rules

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What can I do on the Custom Categorisation Rules page?

You can use the Custom Categorisation Rules page to create your own categorisation rules for your transactions. The custom categorisation rules can be used in identifying and correctly categorising transactions such as your salary or rental payments that the global categorisation rules may not be able to identify. For example, you can create a rule to automatically categorise your monthly rent and another rule to automatically identify and categorise your salary.


How will my rules affect the automatic categorisation feature?

After you create a categorisation rule, any future transactions that meet your rule's criteria will be categorised accordingly. The categories of your past transactions will not be affected by your new rules unless you apply your categorisation rules by clicking the Run All Rules link from the Custom Categorisation Rules page.


How do I create a categorisation rule?

You can create a categorisation rule using the following process:


How do I prioritise my categorisation rules?

Custom categorisation rules can be run based on the priority assigned to each of them. You can increase or decrease the priority of a categorisation rule by clicking the up or down "Set Priority" arrows next to each rule. Please note that your rules will be executed in the descending order of their priorities. The first matching rule will determine the category of the transaction.

For example: You withdraw $100 from the same ATM each week to purchase groceries. You can then set up a custom catergorisation so any withdraws from this ATM with the value of $100 is automatically categorised under groceries and not ATM's.


How do I apply my categorisation rules to transactions?

You can apply the categorisation rules to your transactions by clicking Run All Rules from the Custom Categorisation Rules page. ANZ MoneyManager service will categorise or recategorise all historical transactions when you apply the categorisation rules.


What does each Category mean?

Please refer to the table that follows for an explanation of each category. You can use this as a guideline as you select categories for your rules.

Category Name Meaning Examples
ATM/Cash Withdrawals Cash withdrawals from an ATM or Bank
Automotive Expenses Expenses incurred buying, maintaining, servicing, or repairing a motor vehicle. Parking fees are also included under this category GoodYear, Midas
Cable/Satellite Services Expenses incurred on cable, dish network, satellite TV Foxtel, Optus
Charitable Giving Donations to charitable and social service organisations or individuals Red Cross, Salvation Army
Cheques Transactions involving payment by cheque
Clothing/Shoes Expenses incurred buying apparel, clothing accessories (e.g., belts, scarves, handbags), shoes Athletes Foot, Just Jeans
Credit Card Payments Payment of credit card bills
Child/Dependent Expenses Expenses incurred on dependents (children, parents, siblings) Toys R Us, nursing home expenses, childcare, child support
Deposits Any deposit made to an account that doesn't fit another category ATM deposit, cheque deposit, cash deposit
Educational Expenses Expenses incurred on educational items - formal or informal. College tuition, school supplies, and seminars are included under this category Course fees, excursions, textbooks, school supplies
Electronics Expenses incurred on electronic components, accessories, software Harvey Norman, Apple Store
Entertainment Spending on concert tickets, amusement park fees, sporting events Movies, amusement parks
Gasoline/Fuel Expenses incurred on petroleum and petroleum products used as fuel for motor vehicles Shell, BP
General Merchandise Miscellaneous general merchandise expenses Target, K-Mart
Gifts Expenses incurred on cards, gifts, novelty, souvenir shops, expensive jewellery
Groceries Purchases at supermarkets, bakeries, liquor and convenience stores, and specialty markets Coles, Safeway, IGA
Healthcare/Medical Expenses incurred on doctor-visits, hospitals, eye care, prescription drugs Chemist, Dentist, Chiropractor
Hobbies Spending for fishing gear, music, books, newspapers, photography, crafts Borders, JB Hi Fi, Games World
Home Improvement Expenses incurred on home decor and infrastructure repairs. Bunnings Warehouse
Home Maintenance Expenses incurred on day-to-day items needed to keep your place of residence livable - household appliances, furniture, furnishings, nursery, garden supplies, home repair, cleaning agents, exterminators IKEA
Insurance Expenditures for home, automotive, and health insurance
Investment Income Income from investments Dividends, Interest Income
Loans Automobile loans, personal loans Toyota, Ford
Mortgages Property mortgages
Office Supplies Expenditures for stationery items, office supplies, printing, paper Officeworks
Online Services Expenses incurred on Internet services, Web hosting, broadband Optus, Big Pond
Other Bills Miscellaneous billing expenses
Other Expenses Any expense not covered under other expense categories eg shipping, legal, real estate expenses Australia Post, FEDEX
Other Income Miscellaneous income
Salary/Wage Salary deposits
Personal Care Expenses incurred on fitness services, perfumes, beauty parlour, body massage, vitamins and supplements. Vitamin ME, GNC, Fitness First
Pets/Pet Care Expenditures for buying and maintaining pets Pets Paradise
Rent Expenses incurred in paying rent
Restaurants/Dining Spending at restaurants, fast food, catering
Retirement Contributions Contributions/deductions made for retirement benefits Superannuation deductions
Retirement Income Income received from pensions or IRA accounts Pension
Savings Transfers made to accounts for the purpose of savings
Securities Trades Transactions involving buying/selling of securities, redemption of mutual funds eTrade, ComSec
Service Charges/Fees Expenses incurred on ATM fees, cash advance fees, overdraft charges, association fees
Taxes Taxes paid Payroll Taxes, Sale Taxes
Telephone Services Spending for land phones, wireless, calling cards, phone cards Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
Transfers Transfers between accounts including balance transfer, account opening, inter-account funds transfers
Travel Expenditures for travel such as lodging, car rental, airport expenses, taxi, train rides. Budget Rent a Car, CityLink, train tickets
Utilities Expenses incurred on electricity, gas, and water utilities TRU Energy, South East Water