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Set Budget Goals

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Why should I have a budget?

Setting a budget helps you track your spending patterns and know where your money is being spent.

You can set budget goals to meet your personal goals. As time progresses, you can re-evaluate and adjust your individual budgets based on your awareness of your financial activities and spending habits.


What can I do on this page?

You can view your spending by category for the current month and an average over the past six months. After reviewing your spending, you can set budget goals and enable alerts. Budget goals can be set for individual categories and/or for total income or expenses.

This page also displays your total spending against your total income.


How can I receive budget status reports and alerts?

You can choose to receive budget status reports on weekly and/or monthly basis. Budget status reports contain the amount you have spent in each category compared to your budget target for all "included" categories.

You can also choose to be notified when the total amount spent/earned in any category exceeds your desired budget goal.


What are uncategorised transactions and how do I categorise them?

Transactions that are not classified under one of the available categories fall under uncategorised transactions. Click the uncategorised link to categorise the uncategorised transactions.