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What is the Account Summary page?

The Account Summary page displays a list of all the individual account that you have added to ANZ MoneyManager. Your accounts are displayed as links that you can click on to receive detailed information about the specific account (Account Details page). The Account Summary page has two views available for you to select from: All Accounts and Financial Accounts.


What information does the "As Of" column provide?

The As Of column provides information about when the account was last updated or refreshed.

For example, if the As of column displays "2 hours ago", it means that the account data was last updated 2 hours ago. If you want to update the account information again, click the update link below the account name.


How do I choose another default landing page?

If you would like to change your default landing page in ANZ MoneyManager follow these simple steps: For example, you might want to see your Net Worth Statement instead of your Account Summary. To change your default landing page-

  1. Click Customise in the top right corner of ANZ MoneyManager.
  2. Click Edit Application Preferences.
  3. Select the page that you want to use as your landing page in the "Choose Default Homepage section".
  4. Click Continue to save your changes


How do I access a printer-friendly version of the Account Summary page?

You can access a printer-friendly version of any page in ANZ MoneyManager. Click on the Printable View link that appears on the top right of the page. This will launch a new window with the information formatted to allow you to print it. You can select Print from the File menu to then print the page.