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What is the Account Details page?

The Account Details page displays detailed account information and transactional activity (where applicable) for accounts that have been added to ANZ MoneyManager. This page can be used to update the credentials for the account, display a chart of account activity, or update (refresh) the account information.


How recent is the information that I see for my account?

To find out when the account information was last updated look at the last updated message (for example, "last updated 22 hours ago" or "As of 10 hours ago"). This is normally displayed with the group of links below the account name. To refresh the account data click the update link.


How can I view the most recent information for my account?

You can manually update the account information on the page by clicking update adjacent to the details of the most recent refresh.


How do I access a printer-friendly version of this page?

If you want to print the Account Details page, click the Printable View link that appears on the top of the page. This launches a new window with Account Details information formatted for printing. Select Print from the File menu to print the page.


How do I edit account information?

You can edit account information from the Edit Account page.

To access the Edit Account page for any account, click the Edit Account link that appears below the account name on the Account Details page. When you edit account information, you can create or change a nickname for the account, include memo information, and assign a transaction class to the account (for example, Rewards). You can also reconcile accounts from this page or alter alert settings.


How do I change the username or password for this account?

You can change the username or password that ANZ MoneyManager uses to access your account. Note that changing the username or password within the service does not affect the actual username and password accepted by your account provider (Bank, Credit Union etc). You should only change the username or password if the current one is incorrect or you have updated the credentials on your account website. To change the username or password for an account:

  1. From the Edit Site Settings page, replace the existing username or password with the new text. If you are updating the password, be sure to enter the information twice for verification purposes.
  2. Click Update Credentials to save your changes.


How can I create a nickname for this account?

A nickname can help you distinguish between accounts with the same payee or across similar types of accounts from multiple sources. For example, you might have business and personal savings accounts at the same bank. Use a nickname to change the way the account name is displayed in ANZ MoneyManager. The nickname appears next to the formal account name.

To nickname an account:

  1. Click the Edit Account link that appears below the account name in the title bar. The Account Preferences page appears.
  2. Enter the nickname in the text box.
  3. Click Save Updates.


What does the chart for this account tell me?

A chart showing the balance over time for an individual account is available to you when you click the chart link below the account name on the Account Details page.

Charts are built to display 12 months' of balance data. Balances are stored weekly for investment accounts, or monthly for bank, credit card, loan, mortgage, insurance, and direct biller accounts. You can mouse over the datapoints in a chart to view exact balances.

Because data freshness can be impacted by site availability and user activity, ANZ MoneyManager stores the last available balance data for any given account, starting with the last day of the week/month and moving backward until a valid balance is available.


How do I permanently remove this account from ANZ MoneyManager?

When you permanently remove an account, you are deleting all historical information attached to that account. To permanently remove accounts from ANZ MoneyManager:

  1. Click the Edit Account link from the Account Details page.
  2. From the Edit Account page, click the Delete Account link.
  3. The Delete Account confirmation page appears, prompting you to confirm that you want to remove the account and all data and associated information.
  4. Click Delete Account to remove the account.

To cancel this action, click Do Not Delete Account.


How do I export completed transactional data?

You might want to export data to share with your accountant or perform an analysis that isn't currently provided. When you export data, you are copying and moving it to a csv (comma separated value) file like a spreadsheet in Excel. You can only export data for transactions that have completed. To export transaction data:

  1. Click Export completed transactions on the Account Details page.
  2. Save or open the csv file that includes completed transaction data.


How do I add additional information to the transaction?

You can add additional information such as a memo reminder or assign a transaction class.

  1. Click the transaction description from the Account Details page.
  2. Enter the memo information in the Memo field.
  3. Assign a transaction class to the transaction.
  4. It can either be medical, business, or tax-deductible.
  5. Click Save for the changes to take effect.


How do I categorise a transaction?

A transaction can be categorised under any of the available transaction categories. To categorise a transaction,

  1. Click the category link from the Account Details page.
  2. From the categories drop-down, select the category under which you want the transaction to be categorised.
  3. The transaction will be updated to reflect the new category.