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Adding Accounts

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Why should I add all my accounts?

The more accounts you add to ANZ MoneyManager, the more useful it can become.

Having all your accounts visible in one place means you spend less time reviewing paper statements or logging into individual account sites to see your balance and transactions.

Your account information is regularly updated on ANZ MoneyManager so that you can review your account activity at your convenience.


How long will it take me to add my accounts?

To add your accounts, you enter your username and password for your internet banking.

ANZ MoneyManager will do the rest in a few minutes, including importing your balances and transactions, and then categorising your transactions.

The time that it takes ANZ MoneyManager to add accounts will take a few minutes for each account type.


What if I have multiple accounts with the same bank?

Once you add the first account type (for example, your credit cards), ANZ MoneyManager will automatically retrieve your other account types (your savings accounts, mortgages and investments). This process can take up to 15 minutes.


Do my accounts need to be online?

Your accounts do not need to be online when you add them to the service, although it is recommended to help you maximise the value of ANZ MoneyManager to you.

If you have an asset with no online access (your home, for example) or an account that is not supported by ANZ MoneyManager, you can create a manual account and store a brief description, balance information.


What types of accounts can I add?

ANZ MoneyManager supports thousands of accounts from the following categories:

Banking, Credit Cards, Investments, Loans/Mortgages and Rewards/Loyalty Programs (Airlines, Hotel, Car Rental, Other)


How do I add an account?

Add an Account is available on every page of the ANZ MoneyManager application. You can also access this link from the Account Summary page from the Quick Links on the right hand side of the page.

A floater opens on clicking Add an Account, displaying a search box. Type the name of the bank, investment or reward site that you wish to add.

If the site is supported, it will be displayed. Select the account type that you are adding (eg Credit Card). You will then be asked for your login credentials for the site (username and password).

After providing this information, click Add Account.


Creating Manual Accounts for offline accounts

By creating manual accounts you can add an offline asset or liability like your home or jewellery to your net worth.

  1. Select Create a Manual Account from the Quick Links on the Accounts Overview page.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Click Save and Continue.
  4. You can also create a manual account from the Add an Account floater.
  5. Click or browse the most popular accounts by category
  6. Click Others tab
  7. Click create a manual account link at the bottom of the floater
  8. It will navigate you to Create Manual Account page
  9. Fill the form and click Save and Continue


How can I add a real estate account from the Add Account floater?

The steps to add a real estate account are:

  1. Click or browse the most popular accounts by category.
  2. Click Others on the expanded window.
  3. Click Real-Estate Accounts link under Others tab.

It will take you to the Add Home Value page under Manage Accounts tab. Complete the form and click Continue. Your real estate account will be added. The account created will be displayed on the Account Summary, Dashboard, and Net Worth pages.


How do I remove a single account?

To remove a singe account (for example, one account from your savings accounts with a particular bank), go to the Add and Manage Accounts page under the Manage Accounts page.

Find the account that you wish to remove, and select Edit or Delete Account for that account. The Edit Account page will be displayed for that account.

To delete the account, select Delete Account below the account details. This will delete all account data, including past transactions. If you wish to stop the account from updating but retain all of the historical data, select Deactivate Account.


How do I remove all accounts from the same institution?

If you have already added credentials for the account, go to Manage Accounts.

From this page, click the Delete Site or Delete Manual Account link to delete the account permanently from the service. This will delete all account data, including past transactions.

If you do not want to delete an account permanently and want ANZ MoneyManager to retain the historic data, you can also deactivate it by clicking the link against the account.