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Account Groups

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What are account groups and why should I set them up?

You can group your accounts together to simplify the management of your finances. For example group all of your retirement investment accounts together to see how close you are to your retirement goals.


What can I do on the account groups page?

The Account Groups page allows you to create, edit and delete account groups.


How do I create an account group?

From the Account Groups page:


How do I edit an existing account group?

Editing an existing account group allows you to add or remove accounts belonging to an account group.

To edit an account group:

  1. From the Account Groups page, click edit for the account group that you want to edit.
  2. Select the accounts that are to be associated with the group that is being edited.
  3. Click Update Account Group.


How do I delete an existing account group?

From the Account Group page, click delete against the account group that you want to delete.

Click Continue.