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Sponsorship alignment to ANZ brand values application form  

This application form is for national and local based sponsorships. For local based sponsorship requests, please complete this form and drop it into your local ANZ branch.

Red Asterix Mandatory - At least three brand values

Part A - ANZ Brand Values 1 of 7
The brand of an organisation is a very valuable asset, the brand values are qualities that define the brand's promise.

Please tell us how your sponsorship meet these values in the space provided.

For the ANZ brand our values are:
  1. Excellence through people
  2. Financial stability
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Convenience
  5. Simplicity.

Sponsorship Type:Red Asterix   National Local  
Excellence through people:

  • staff ownership through attendance and opportunities to volunteer
  Yes No

Financial stability:

  • business acquisition/sales
  • support client relationship retention and acquisition
  • strengthen existing relationships
  Yes No

Social responsibility:

  • support and engage local community
  • enhance image and perception
  Yes No


  • saves time, less effort, less frustration
  • gives me more control over my life
  Yes No


  • easy to do business with
  Yes No

'no go zone':

ANZ will consider proposals in all categories except:
  • individuals
  • publications/books
  • political or religious organisations
  • hazardous activities - motor sports, air shows
  • gambling linked activities
  • sponsorship that may be construed as racist or otherwise discriminatory
  Yes No