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Our Approach - Leading and Inspiring our People

Our focus on employee engagement and culture has helped us to create a strategic competitive advantage for ANZ.


  • Employees describe culture as 'bureaucracy', hierarchical', 'long hours' and 'risk averse' in 2000
  • Culture program begins in 2000 and 26,000 employees complete Breakout workshops by 2006
  • Staff satisfaction moves from 49% in 1999 to 85% in 2004
  • Australian LTIFR decreases from 9.5 in 2001 to 3.8 in 2006
  • Employee engagement reaches 64%
  • Employees describe cultural values as 'customer satisfaction', 'customer focus', 'profit' and 'community involvement'
  • LTIFR reduces by a further 20%
  • Women in management positions gradually increasing
  • Access the talents of our increasingly global workforce
  • Build on the Breakout program's success for sharpening business performance
  • Continued focus on women in management
  • Improve staff usage of flexible working arrangements

The passion of our people is extremely important to our business. We understand that the workforce is changing and people have different career goals. Our people policies and programs are embracing changes in the diversity of employees and preferred working arrangements and these initiatives are helping us manage our workforce into the future.

The ANZ People Charter was developed this year and will be launched in 2008. The Charter acknowledges that ANZ is its people and they are responsible for the customer satisfaction, energy and innovation that enables the bank to grow and prosper. The Charter includes a series of public commitments to our employees. Specific performance indicators have also been designed to help determine whether we have met our commitments.

The Charter features the themes of values, opportunities, recognition and performance. Its performance standards include having the lowest levels of voluntary staff turnover in the industry, ensuring every employee has a professional development plan and increasing the use of flexible working practices across ANZ.

It also focuses attention on some of our most challenging people issues. During the past year, for instance, we have sought to improve our organisational culture and employee engagement, improve opportunities for women to develop their careers at the senior levels within the company, help our employees to achieve better work-life balance and minimise the impact of offshoring on our employees.

COUNTRY 2007 2006 2005 2004
Australia 21,772 21,012 20,542 19,229
New Zealand 10,102 10,292 10,329 9,672
Asia 1,307 901 833 686
Pacific 1,971 1,780 1,696 1,638
UK & Europe 204 226 226 277
Americas 86 86 90 277
Middle East & South Asia (includes India) 1,595 1,247 664 495
Total 37,037 35,544 34,380 32,274