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Our Approach - Earning Community Trust

We are working to help improve the social and economic wellbeing of our communities, especially focusing on some of the most disadvantaged people in society. Our goal is to earn community trust.


  • Research into Adult Financial Literacy in Australia
  • Partnership approach to community investment strategy aligned with social issues affecting the financial services industry
  • Recognised with 2006 Prime Minister's Special Award for Impact on the Community
  • Successful pilot of a loans program for low-income earners
  • Corporate Australia's first Reconciliation Action Plan
  • 73,000 hours of employee volunteering time and total community investment of $17.8 million
  • Programs and partnerships recognised again with Prime Minister's Award
  • Release financial literacy research
  • Enable 1,500 people to participate in Saver Plus, 30,000 in MoneyMinded and 300 in Progress Loans
  • Achieve 70,000 hours of staff volunteering and 15% participation in payroll giving
  • Achieve the commitments in our Reconciliation Action Plan

ANZ has made genuine, long-term commitment to improving financial literacy and inclusion - the issues most relevant to our retail business. We also encourage and enable our people to use their skills and expertise to support the causes that are important to them - in the process supporting hundreds of local community charities.

Our Community Charter describes our approach to Corporate Community Investment. The Charter was introduced in 2004 and we've since made strong progress in delivering on its commitments. The results of innovative programs, such as Saver Plus, speak for themselves with research showing it continues to achieve its primary objective of helping low-income earners establish a long-term savings habit.

The response from our people has also been inspiring. For example, ANZ employees have contributed more than 156,000 hours of paid volunteering leave since this initiative was introduced in 2001. This year, our total community investment was more than $17.8 million.*

We also know times have changed since the Charter was introduced. Next year we will engage our people, partners and stakeholders to review it. We envisage more specific commitments to improve the financial capabilities and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians and people with disabilities as we sharpen our focus on assisting the most vulnerable people in society. Both the community sector and our people are also calling for a greater focus on skill-based volunteering and secondments. The Charter will evolve to reflect this.

* ANZ uses the London Benchmarking Group model (LBG) which is the emerging international standard for measuring corporate community investment programs.

  • London Benchmarking Group benchmark for community investment per employee ($213)