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Putting Our Customers First


Continue to improve our customer satisfaction and match the performance of community and regional banks ANZ's retail customer satisfaction at 77.2% (September 07) continues to lead major bank peers in Australia according to the Roy Morgan Finance Monitor. Overall our customer satisfaction has increased by 1.7% since September 2006, and is 4.7 points higher than the average for major banks. Against the regional banks, ANZ continues to perform well but is 15.4 points behind the regional bank leader in customer satisfaction. Partially achieved
Meet or exceed the performance standards set out in our Customer Charter We met or exceeded the performance standards on the majority of our Customer Charter promises. Significant efforts to improve our performance on fast account openings in Mortgages resulted in 98.5% of standard home loan applications being answered in two working days, up from 96.1% in 2006. Partially achieved
Maintain our position as Number 1 Lead Bank for Major Corporate and Institutional clients ANZ continues to perform strongly in the large corporate and institutional banking market in Australia and New Zealand. ANZ maintained or gained leadership in 11 measures including No.1 Most Trusted Adviser according to research of Treasurers and Chief Financial Officers conducted by Peter Lee Associates. Achieved
Develop and implement social and environmental management policies for forestry, mining and energy for our Institutional business We developed and conducted extensive consultation on our draft Forests Policy, the first in a series of sector-specific policies designed to provide greater consistency in the integration of social and environmental factors into our lending and business decisions. ANZ Institutional Division is engaged in a final round of stakeholder discussions prior to finalising the Policy. Policies on water, mining and energy are being developed and will be the subject of stakeholder consultation in 2008. Did not achieve
Implement the Equator Principles across our Project Finance business Since we adopted the Equator Principles in December 2006, we have reviewed 26 projects for social and environmental impact under the Principles and approved 16. Equator Principles training has been provided to 75% of our Project Finance staff in Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore. Further work is being undertaken to implement a specific Equator Principles toolkit, training program and reporting process across our global Project Finance business; and so this target was not fully achieved. Partially achieved
For more detailed information, visit the Customers section or read the full Corporate Responsibility Report.

2008 GOALS

  • Continue to improve our retail customer satisfaction and match the performance of community and regional banks
  • Meet or exceed the performance standards set out in our Customer Charter and conduct a review of its commitments
  • Implement a new Personal Division policy and processes to assist retail customers facing financial difficulty
  • Maintain our position as the Number 1 Lead Bank for major Corporate and Institutional clients
  • Achieve Equator Principles reporting for 100% of ANZ's Project Finance transactions
  • Implement Institutional social and environmental lending policies for forests, mining, energy and water