Personal report, a message from Brian Hartzer
ANZ Customer Charter Manager Joanna Koulianos

Under the theme of "More Convenient Banking" we have invested in simpler and more convenient banking services that customers value, establishing a compelling answer to the question, why should customers choose us?

Pictured left - Joanna Koulianos.
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what we do

Personal is responsible for serving consumer and small business customers across Australia, through our network of 781 branches, our Australian-based call centre, and our network of specialist sales staff. Seven specialist business units comprise the Personal Division:

Mortgages is the largest business unit within Personal and is responsible for our residential mortgage products.

Consumer Finance provides credit cards and personal loans to retail customers as well as managing our ATM and Merchant Payments businesses.

Banking Products is responsible for transaction banking (such as passbook and overdraft accounts) and savings products (including Progress Saver, Term Deposits, V2+ and Cash Management accounts).

Investment and Insurance Products (I&I) comprises several related businesses including ANZ Financial Planning, Margin Lending, our E*TRADE partnership, ANZ Trustees, Insurance Products, and our relationship with INGA.

Regional, Rural, and Small Business Banking looks after the needs of ANZ customers in rural and regional Australia and provides services for around 190,000 small business customers through a network of specialists based in our branch network and on the phone.

Esanda is one of Australia's largest asset-based finance companies and the leading provider of vehicle and equipment finance solutions.

Pacific provides a full range of banking services to consumer and corporate customers across eleven countries.

Earnings by business

Goals for 2007

Our goal for 2007 is to continue to differentiate ourselves by delivering More Convenient Banking. We will continue to invest in the things that give new customers reasons to switch to ANZ, and existing customers more reasons to build their relationship with us. To achieve this, we will continue to invest in our people, expand our branch and ATM network, and simplify our products and processes so that it's easier than ever to deal with us.