Our partnerships and Private Bank

ING Logo

1. ING Australia is one of Australia's leading fund managers, life insurers and superannuation providers

ING Australia Ltd has almost $40 billion in assets under management, including over $14 billion in its flagship OneAnswer product. ING Australia provides a broad range of financial products and services through an extensive network of 1,145 professional financial advisers, including 374 ANZ financial planners, which grew by 14% in 2006.

Retail FUM $38,849m
Life Risk Premiums in Force $596m

ANZ Royal Logo

2. ANZ Royal Bank is one of the largest banks in Cambodia

On the 15th of September 2005, ANZ Royal officially opened its doors in Phnom Penh. ANZ Royal is a joint venture with the Royal Group of Companies (RGC), and is owned 55% by ANZ and 45% by RGC. In 2006, ANZ Royal collected in excess of AU$221 million in Deposits, and provided over USD60m in lending limits. In September 2006, ANZ Royal celebrated its 20,000th customer of which we estimate one third have never previously been banked.

Metrobank Card Corporation Logo

3. Metrobank Card Corporation is one of the biggest card issuers in the Philippines

In October 2003, ANZ entered into a joint venture with Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (MBTC) for the cards business of Metrobank Card Corporation, the credit card subsidiary of MBTC. ANZ acquired a 40% stake. Metrobank Cards now has 635,000 cards on issue, which is over two and a half times the 240,000 cards in circulation when the joint venture began. It is one of the country's biggest credit card issuers, moving from ninth in 2003 to fourth in 2006.

Panin Bank Logo

4. Panin Bank is one of the top ten banks in Indonesia

ANZ owns a 29% share in PT Panin Bank, a leading commercial bank in Indonesia, and one of the few Indonesian banks that survived the 1997/1998 economic crisis without the need for recapitalisation. It is one of Indonesia's top 10 banks, and now has approximately A$5 billion in assets. It serves over 300,000 customers via 227 branches and 240 ATMs and 9500 linked ATMs. In addition to full commercial banking products and services, Panin Bank also offers Mobile, Internet, and Phone Banking.

Sacombank Logo

5. Sacombank is the largest joint stock bank in Vietnam.

In August 2005, ANZ entered into a partnership with Sacombank by securing a 10% equity share. Sacombank is the largest commercial joint stock bank in Vietnam in terms of chartered capital and branch network. At present Sacombank has a nationwide branch network comprising 128 branches and transaction points, 56 ATM's and 1,004 POS outlets. Currently there are approximately 3,215 staff and 300,000 customers. Sacombank has been named the "best FX services provider in Vietnam" by AsiaMoney Magazine.

Tianjin City Commercial Bank Logo

6. Tianjin City Commercial Bank is one of China's leading City Commercial Banks

In July 2006, ANZ acquired a 20% share in Tianjin City Commercial Bank (TCCB). ANZ's A$150 million investment makes ANZ the first foreign bank to own a full 20% shareholding in a Chinese Bank. TCCB is one of China's leading City Commercial Banks in terms of competitiveness and is situated in one of China's fastest growing regions. It has a network of 250 branches, subbranches and savings offices serving more than 5 million accounts.