Our people and culture, a very differnet approach to people
ANZ: Amanda Wood

ANZ has long taken a very different approach to people. The people who work for us invest a large part of their lives in ANZ. In return, we aim to provide a workplace where values are real and respected, and where staff engagement is at a world-class level. Our goal is a vibrant, energetic and high performing culture – and we’re well on the way to achieving it.

Breakout to a very different culture

In the late 1990s we acknowledged the failings of our culture and took action to change it for the better. We had poor levels of staff satisfaction and low levels of customer satisfaction. In 2000 we introduced a culture change process called Breakout, which focuses on shifting behaviours and mindsets to create a very different bank.

Six years later, over 26,000 staff have participated in Breakout workshops, including nearly 7,000 front line staff. In 2005 we launched Breakout Recharge, which enhances team work and collaboration. The essence of the change that Breakout brought, and continues to bring, is to create very different experiences for all stakeholders: our people, our customers, the community and shareholders.

Assessing engagement and culture together

In 2006 we combined our annual surveys of engagement and values into one instrument, the Engagement and Culture Survey. It tells us how employees connect with their work and ANZ. Measuring culture and values together provides a clearer picture of our progress in building a high performing, values driven culture. Today we see a stronger match between values desired by our staff, and actual values experienced. Benchmarking the Engagement and Culture Survey against industry research has again revealed ANZ has the most engaged workforce of all major companies in Australia.

My Difference Survey

In December 2005 the My Difference Survey gave our first demographic snapshot of ANZ’s employees and their attitudes to diversity issues at work. More than 11,000 employees responded and told us:

  • We employ staff from at least 133 countries
  • Religious difference is accommodated informally
  • Significant progress has been made with mature age diversity, but more can be done
  • Work/life balance is important to our staff, of whom more than 50% have caring responsibilities
  • We’re accepting of differences in sexual preferences
  • Employees are not always open about disability, and employees and customers with disability need greater support
  • ANZ has great diversity policies but staff cannot always access them