ANZ Online is a convenient easy to use online transaction banking site
providing you with ready access to accounts.
Specifically designed for Commercial, Corporate and Institutional users complete with security device technology.
With ANZ Online you'll have greater control over your accounts.
enabling you to spend less time on your banking and more time doing business.
Perform a range of cash and trade activities all with a few clicks
or monitor your account activity through a range of available reports.
Whether it is making payroll payments, creating trade transactions, paying suppliers locally or overseas, or checking your account balances or trade transaction history, you can do it all quickly and easily with ANZ Online.
We understand that no two companies are the same
and that each company has its own unique structure and business processes.
We also understand that you'd like to spend less time managing your banking.
With this in mind ANZ Online has been designed to mirror both simple and complex organisational structures and to fit into the way your business processes have been designed.
ANZ Online will slot in seamlessly with your existing business setup.
ANZ Online offers a range of flexible features allowing these to be tailored to best suit your organisation requirements.
You can nominate accounts to your chosen products and assign users to these accounts. Users can be either internal company users, or external company users such as accountants, or a combination of the two.
Each user is assigned a profile which determines the activities and role they perform.
For example you can give Mark and Steve in the payroll department, the ability to create payments from selected accounts up to a set limit. Once these payments have been submitted, they will need to be approved.
Emma, Jackie and Darren, who are company directors, can be allocated approval discretion, so that all three must approve a payment
or you can determine that only Emma needs to approve.
If you want Andrew the payables officer, to keep tabs on supplier payments,
and your finance manager Carol, to track the company's cash position and reconcile company accounts, you can also create specific roles for them.
With ANZ Online your nominated company Administrator provides you with the ability to administer your own accounts and company users.
Company Administrator functionality includes: Setting up authorisation panels, resetting user passwords, creating new payment templates, and creating new users including assigning user profiles and confidential payment indicators should these be required.
Enjoy the piece of mind that comes from knowing your transaction banking activity is backed by a systems infrastructure that consists of single and dual factor internet banking security.
Customise security access for your users based upon the level of access you want to provide
and the activities you would like each user to perform.
ANZ Online provides security devices for those users
who will be releasing payments, creating users, administering permissions, creating payments and performing reporting functions.
With ANZ Online, you can manage your business globally by enabling you to link your entities across multiple geographies.
For example, you can setup your account in Hong Kong to view and make payments from accounts in Taiwan and Singapore, and within these entities you can also set user access based on permission levels within your organisation.
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