Our experience and expertise in the specialist field of trade finance has helped make ANZ a leading trade supplier. Our trade finance services include Documentary Collections, Documentary Letters of Credit, Bonds and Guarantees.

Import and Export Documentary Letters of Credit

Whether you are an importer or exporter, Documentary Letters of Credit can provide certainty of payment to you and your trading partners and may reduce your risk of exposure to faulty orders. 

Under an Import Documentary Letter of Credit, if the Beneficiary (overseas exporter) complies with the terms in the Documentary Letter of Credit it will receive timely payment without reference to your creditworthiness as the payment risk is transferred from you, the importer, to us.

Likewise, under an Export Documentary Letter of Credit, when you comply with the terms of the Documentary Letter of Credit your business receives payment on time from your trade customer’s bank.

Documentary Collections

ANZ offers both Import and Export Documentary Collections. Exporters can ask ANZ to arrange collection of export proceeds from overseas buyers on their behalf. This process facilitates the Documentary Collection and return of proceeds in accordance with the exporter’s instructions. As an importer, ANZ can receive and advise you of collection of documents received from your overseas suppliers. We can assist you through the collection process and remit funds to the overseas party on receipt of payment.

So why not let us share our expertise to help you through you trade dealings, and give you and your business some peace of mind.

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