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There are many options available to you before requesting assistance from us. For instance, if you’ve lost your job and have income protection insurance, we’d first recommend getting in touch with your insurance provider to see if you’re covered.

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Home loan

Have a home loan with us?

Depending on the type of home loan you've got, we have various options to help:

  • If you have a variable loan, and you pay more than your required payments, you might be ahead on your loan. This could mean you don't have to make payments to your account for a period of time.
  • You may also be covered by insurance. For more information on insurance, just call 13 16 14. Or, to find out if you are eligible to take a break from payments, call 13 25 99.
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personal loan

Personal loan

Depending on the type of personal loan you’ve got, we have various options to help:

  • If you have a variable personal loan with us, and you pay more than required, you might be ahead on your repayments. This means you can take a break from making your scheduled payments.
  • Find out if you’re ahead on your repayments by logging on to your ANZ Internet banking , or calling us on 13 13 14.
  • You may have insurance on your ANZ Personal Loan. If you’d like to check if you do, or need to make a claim, call QBE on 13 37 23.
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credit card

Credit Cards

It's worth checking if you have insurance on your credit card before contacting us. If you need to make a claim, you can contact ANZ Credit Card Insurance on 13 16 14.

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Small business

Small business

Small businesses always have their moments. If you have business or income protection insurance, these may help keep you on track with repayments.

Refer to your loan documentation or call us on 1800 801 485 to find out more.

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Esanda loan

Esanda loans

We can assist you to get your car loan back on track - call us for chat.

Call us on hardship 1800 838 100.

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