We aim to foster a workplace environment where employees are encouraged to express their ideas, opinions and concerns.

Employee engagement

We believe that motivated, engaged and knowledgeable employees will provide the best service for our customers and contribute to the long term success of our company.

We conduct an annual employee engagement survey. Following the survey, action plans are developed at Group, Divisional and local levels to address survey feedback, and progress is reported regularly to ANZ’s Management Board.

Employment conditions

Our commitment is to provide employees with terms and conditions of employment that are fair and reasonable, and in line with our Human Rights Standards and business values. The employment conditions of our employees in many locations are derived from industrial instruments and agreements negotiated with employees and unions, along with our human resources policies.

Freedom of Association

We respect the right of employees to join, or not join, associations of their choice. We do not interfere in an employee's decision to associate or not associate, and we do not discriminate against the employee or a representative of the employee. These commitments are upheld in our Freedom of Association Policy.

If local laws prohibit us from applying our Freedom of Association Policy, we comply with domestic law while, to the extent permissible, applying the spirit of our commitment within our business.

Discrimination incidents

Our Equal Opportunity, Bullying and Harassment Policy covers ANZ’s approach to allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and parent or carer responsibilities.

At ANZ we are committed to treating all people with dignity and respect. ANZ firmly believes in the right of all people to work in an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, workplace bullying and victimisation/retaliation (collectively known as ‘unacceptable behaviour’).

We provide a number of different options and steps for dealing with unacceptable behaviour ranging from self resolution to formal investigation by employee relations specialists with appropriate consequences applied.