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We live in your world - September 2013

We live in your world - September 2013

Being ‘Money Smart’


Being Money Smart

For 10 years we have invested significantly in partnerships to support people to build their money management skills and savings.  

MoneyMinded, our flagship financial education program has been delivered to over 240,000 people in 17 countries across Asia Pacific.  It is the most widely used adult financial education program in Australia. Over 6,000 facilitators have been trained to deliver it.    

This work has been recognised as part of MoneySmart Week – a regulator, business and community initiative – with the program receiving the “Outstanding Achievement Community Award”. Judging Panel members commented “MoneyMinded truly is an excellent example of the great potential for corporate and community partnerships. Its robust evaluation process means it is constantly evolving to remain relevant and effective”.

Following completion of the program a recent participant commented “I had been struggling with my finances for over a year and it had created instability in all areas of my usually organised life; right down to being able to manage daily activities and simple tasks. Just being focused on the [MoneyMinded course material] allowed me to regain control of my finances and the overwhelming relief that I now feel from being on top of things again is indescribable.’

We encouraged our customers and staff to complete MoneySmart Week’s free online Money Health Check Tool through, branch and customer communication and social media.  We also conducted seminars about financial health with our staff.     

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