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We live in your world - November 2013

We live in your world - November 2013

Advancing women to leadership positions

Advancing women to leadership positions

We are playing a leadership role in advancing women in business. Our CEO Mike Smith has joined with other business leaders in the Male Champions of Change (MCC) to recommend 12 actions leaders can take to help advance more women to leadership positions.  

Launching the MCC’s second report, Mike said: “None of us wants to say again ‘this is going to take time.’ We have all said this enough. We hope the practical, inter-connected and non-regulated actions in the report will inspire many more leaders and organisations to accelerate the pace of change.”

Mike described how listening to and learning from their employees had helped the MCCs develop the focused set of actions.

“Women told us, for example, that they excel with and seek with leaders who demonstrate strong values and who are inclusive and supportive during the various stages of their life and career.” he said.

Established by Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, the MCCs comprise 21 Chief Executive Officers, Australian Government department heads and non-executive directors. The group aims to make significant and sustainable change in the number of women in leadership positions in Australia.

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