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Helping women save in the Solomons

Helping women save in the Solomons

More than 8,400 people – mostly women - in the Pacific have participated in MoneyMinded, our adult financial education program, this year.

In the Solomon Islands, a country with low levels of financial literacy and limited access to banking services, we partner with the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association and the Rokotanikeni Women’s Association to deliver MoneyMinded training.

The Rokotanikeni Savings Group, comprised of around 1,000 women, recently celebrated a major milestone, with group members having saved over $SBD1.2 million.

Dr Alice Pollard, the founder of Rokotanikeni said, “MoneyMinded has been vital in embedding simple and practical financial practices among rural communities … it has assisted our membership a great deal in reaching our savings goals and we’re grateful for the partnership.”

MoneyMinded complements ANZ’s rural banking and microfinance initiatives, including the roll out of ANZ’s mobile phone banking app goMoney. We currently have a target to register 240,000 customers for ANZ goMoney in the Pacific by 2017.

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