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We live in your world - July 2013

We live in your world - July 2013

Helping Indigenous Australians kick start their careers

Helping Indigenous Australians kick start their careers

We have helped over 650 Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders kick start their careers through our Indigenous Traineeship program.

The traineeship program aims to improve future employment and academic opportunities by equipping trainees with practical banking and workplace experience.

Many of the Indigenous trainees have subsequently gone on to take up permanent roles across our business, including South Australian (SA) sisters Darcie and Hollie Schrader.

"I first heard about the program from a teacher at school. I was immediately interested in being able to work part-time while continuing my studies throughout Years 11 and 12. Iā€™m now a permanent employee working as Personal Banker in our Jamestown (SA) branch," said Darcie, who soon told her sister Hollie about the traineeship program.

Hollie said: "My sister, Darcie, started a school based traineeship and told me ANZ was also looking for fulltime trainees as well. I decided to apply and started about six months after Darcie." Hollie now works in a Port Augusta (SA) branch.

We recognise employment is central to improving the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians and have committed to recruiting at least 100 Indigenous trainees per year. Specific commitments can be found in our Indigenous Action Plan (2011 ā€“ 2014).

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