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We live in your world - April 2013

We live in your world - April 2013

Identifying when help is needed

Increasing access to information

We are helping customers better understand when and how to get financial help by increasing their access to information.

The topic of financial hardship assistance is now included in discussions with customers about life-changing events, such as coping with separation and divorce and managing redundancy, both of which are significant triggers for financial hardship.

Our hardship customer liaison team, Customer Connect, is also making itself more available to customers with the introduction of outgoing customer email and SMS messages, resulting in faster communication.

"Coming to terms with financial hardship can be a very stressful and confronting time in our customers’ lives. By making hardship information readily available, we will help to ensure our customers get the support they need, when they need it." Marco Kohne, Head of Customer Management.

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