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Flexible working supporting our people and our customers

Flexible working – supporting our people and our customers

More than half of our employees are working flexibly, helping them meet their personal and family needs.

Lawrence works a flexible 5-day week, allowing him to be the primary carer for his two boys, one of whom has quadriplegic spastic (stiff/high muscle tone) cerebral palsy, one day a week. Instead of working on Mondays, Lawrence works on Sundays from late afternoon until late evening, “making up” any additional time during the week.

Lawrence said: “ANZ’s flexibility framework gives a great boost to the working environment, to my work-life balance and has a positive engagement benefit. The work schedule I use works for our business, by giving me more time to focus on deliverables without the potential distractions of replying to the phone or e-mails, increasing my productivity”.

Working flexibly enables our people to support our business, our customers and meet their personal needs more effectively than traditional work patterns.  All roles within Australia and New Zealand are flexible.  We have also recently rolled out flexible working policies in Hong Kong and Bengaluru, with other countries to follow.