Our Supplier Code of Practice

ANZ’s Supplier Code of Practice (SCOP), which was introduced in July 2011, lies at the centre of our global approach to responsible sourcing.

The SCOP was developed collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, and aligns with ANZ’s Code of Conduct & Ethics, Corporate Sustainability Framework and our approach to human rights. It also supports the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Global Compact.

We expect our suppliers to comply with our Code of Practice as a condition of doing business with us, and manage performance in a way that takes into account local laws and culture. The Code provides an indication of our expectations under five headings:

  • Governance and compliance: compliance with contractual obligations and relevant laws, integration of risk mitigation strategies into normal operating procedures, and senior management accountability
  • Workplace relations: fair and reasonable management of employees, freedom of association, support for disadvantaged and under-represented members of the community, adherence to international standards and domestic regulations relating to the employment of children, gender balance and diversity, no tolerance of forced or compulsory labor and ensure recruitment and advancement is based solely on merit.
  • Occupational health and safety: a safe working environment, compliance with relevant laws and a documented Health & Safety Management System referencing OHSAS 18001 or similar
  • Business ethics: prohibition of unethical business practices such as improper advantage, inappropriate gifts, use of association, bartering or violation of trade sanctions
  • Environmental management: an Environmental Management System, integration of environmental management principles, effective reporting and continuous improvement.

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Reducing the impact of our supply chain

All suppliers are expected to comply with ANZ’s Supplier Code of Practice as a condition of doing business with us, and encouraged to influence their own supply chains to do the same.

We provide a Supplier Code of Practice Self-Assessment Tool (XLS 56kB) to enable our suppliers to rate their level of compliance against the Code.

This rating is a useful tool that enables discussion of regional considerations, areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Areas in need of significant improvement inform the development of mutually-agreed remediation action plans.

An essential component of our Supplier Code of Practice is a Supplier Verification program, which operates at a corporate level. On an annual cycle we select supplier categories for review and work with an external party to identify our highest risk suppliers in those categories for both review and potential remediation.

We follow a three-step process which involves mapping regional and category risk profiles against our supply chain and then screening the suppliers deemed to present the greatest risk through a collection of public databases against environmental and social risks. Suppliers identified with material ‘litigations’ are then requested to self assess their compliance to our code and results are re-calibrated. These results are then reviewed and where necessary we work with suppliers to develop remediation programs for those representing greatest risk with a view to achieving compliance within 12 months.

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