Our Corporate Sustainability targets have been set to support our business strategy and the long-term commitments set out in our Sustainability Framework. We report our progress regularly to our stakeholders via our monthly e-bulletin, interim and annual reports.

2014 targets

Sustainable Development
  1. Increase employee awareness of our Sustainability agenda to better equip key banking employees to engage with clients on social and environmental issues:
    A] Make all new employees aware of our Sustainability framework and key targets through our Group induction program;
    B] Continue to implement our mandatory online Social & Environmental risk training for IIB and Commercial employees with the authority to make credit decisions; and promote it as recommended training for a further 500 employees across these Divisions;
    C] Training an additional 250 IIB employees through our Sustainability Leadership Program.
  2. Drive on-going improvement in our decision making by undertaking a comprehensive review of our sensitive sector policies.
  3. Increase the proportion of lower-carbon (gas and renewables) power generation lending in our Project Finance business by 15-20% by 2020.
  4. Pilot Sustainability workshops in two Asian markets - one "developed" and one "emerging" - to better understand and support mid size corporate customers managing social and environmental risks and opportunities.
Diversity and Inclusion
  1. Increase the representation of women in management by 1% compared to the 2013 financial year and achieve gender balance in our key recruitment, talent and leadership programs.
  2. Employ 230 people through our traineeships, graduate program and permanent employment from disadvantaged and under-represented groups to enhance diversity and support economic and social inclusion in our communities
  3. Ensure key products, services and communication provided via our Internet, mobile phone banking and telephone banking services are developed with reference to best practice accessibility standards1.
  4. Achieve 80% favourable perceptions of “Involvement and Empowerment” in our employee survey as a measure of our progress in building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

1. ABA Accessibility Standards, US Section 508 Applications Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Financial Inclusion and Capability
  1. Continue to build the money management skills of lower income and low financial capability groups by reaching an estimated 45,000 people through delivery of MoneyMinded across the Region.
  2. Incorporate MoneyMinded training into induction programs for all new recruits across our Bangalore, Manila and Suva Hubs to equip our employees with essential life skills.
  3. Train retail customer-facing employees in Australia to ensure they are able to show our customers how to simplify their banking utilising digital tools such as Internet Banking, ANZ GoMoney, Smart ATMs, EFTPOS and BPAY.
  4. Continue to promote financial inclusion and innovative services by delivering mobile phone banking to at least 200,000 customers in the Pacific.
  5. Build the money management skills and savings capabilities of people, by enrolling at least 4,750 people in our Saver Plus matched savings program in Australia.

License to Operate

Our People
  1. Achieve 74% employee engagement in our annual 'My Voice' survey, as a measure of our progress in creating an inspired and energised workforce.
  2. Monitor our employees’ perceptions of Values-led leadership, targeting a score of 73% in our annual 'My Voice' Survey.
  3. Continue our long term commitment to reducing Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate in Australia and New Zealand (targeting 5-10% per annum), and stay under an LTIFR of 1.0 in India and APEA countries.
Our Customers
  1. Increase customer satisfaction in all Divisions in our Australian and New Zealand market
  2. Resolve 90% of Retail customer complaints within 5 business days (Australia & New Zealand).
  3. Review our suite of assistance options for customers facing hardship, with a focus on alleviating those facing long-term hardship.
Our Community
  1. Further support the communities in which we operate, by volunteering 100,000 hours Group-wide.
Our Suppliers
  1. Screen our most material suppliers as identified by our spend and suppliers’ potential risk.
  2. Evaluate the screening findings and suppliers’ stated compliance with our Code.
  3. Where our screening and its evaluation identifies suppliers not operating in line with the Code, we will enable suppliers reasonable time to develop credible remediation plans prior to reviewing the relationship and report on our progress.
Our Environment
  1. Achieve a Group-wide absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target of 3% for emissions associated with our premises electricity use.
  2. Deliver on our three year GHG, premises energy, commercial waste, water, paper and air travel targets in Australia and New Zealand.