Our approach

ANZ’s Board has formal oversight of ANZ’s approach to and strategies for ensuring corporate sustainability is integrated into overall business performance.

Progress made on programs and initiatives that support our corporate sustainability targets and objectives is reported to ANZ’s Governance Committee. The performance evaluation framework that is used each year to evaluate the performance of each Non-Executive Director is based on the expectation that each Director is performing their duties in the interests of shareholders, in a manner that recognises the great importance that ANZ places on the values of honesty, integrity, quality and trust, in accordance with the duties and obligations imposed upon them by ANZ's Constitution, our Non-Executive Directors' Code of Conduct and Ethics, and the law, and having due regard to ANZ's corporate sustainability objectives and the importance of ANZ's relationships with all its stakeholders and the communities and environments in which ANZ operates.

Each Board Committee is assigned formal responsibility for specific aspects of our corporate sustainability strategy including:  

  • The Risk Committee – which has formal responsibility for the overview of ANZ’s management of new and emerging risks including environmental and reputational risks.
  • The Human Resources Committee – which has formal oversight of ANZ’s policies and approaches with respect to diversity, and health and safety, and also monitors employee engagement and culture.
  • The Audit Committee – which has formal responsibility for oversight of internal communications of ANZ’s Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • The Governance Committee – which is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of our diversity policy to the extent relating to Board diversity and approving objectives for achieving gender diversity on the Board.


Corporate Sustainability and Diversity Committee

At the executive management level, our Corporate Sustainability and Diversity Committee (CSD) is chaired by our CEO, Mike Smith, and made up of Group Executives with accountability for the businesses and issues most relevant to our corporate sustainability and diversity strategies. The Committee meets bi-monthly to discuss the most material risks and opportunities for advancing the Group's agenda and priorities.

The committee meets six times each year. Its purpose is to:

  • advise Management Board and other governance bodies on strategies to address risks and opportunities related to this agenda at a Group and divisional level.
  • agree our corporate sustainability and diversity strategies, policies and targets.
  • monitor progress on strategies and targets, and escalate issues, barriers, challenges and opportunities that may affect desired outcomes and results.
  • ensure leading practice in the management and disclosure of corporate sustainability and diversity issues and opportunities, progress and results.
  • ensure consistency and alignment of Group and divisional corporate sustainability and diversity agendas and activities.

These responsibilities have been formalised in our CSD Committee Charter (PDF 48.2kB).

Progress on strategies to achieve the Group's Corporate Sustainability targets are reported bi-monthly to the Management Board and quarterly to the Board of Directors.



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