Our approach

We were the first major Australian company to launch an Indigenous Action Plan (formerly known as our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Our Indigenous Action Plan (2011-2014) builds on our past four years achievements under our previous three Reconciliation Action Plans. It outlines our specific commitments in the areas of Indigenous employment, cultural recognition and capability, financial capability and inclusion as well as capacity building areas that are directly related to our business, our staff and the communities in which we operate.

By delivering on these commitments, our aim is to contribute to increased financial and social well-being for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These commitments also reflect our corporate responsibility priorities and our approach to respecting human rights.

Recognition of the Reconciliation Australia RAP program

ANZ recognises the growing Reconciliation Action Plan community under the auspices of the Reconciliation Action Plan program, and the emerging RAP format which focuses on the elements of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities. This updated ANZ Indigenous Action Plan also aligns ANZ’s commitments with these elements.

  • Respect - ANZ is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects our customer base, and is focused on providing an inclusive culture where all employees are able to fully contribute to the best of their ability. The Action Plan contains goals to build greater understanding within the organisation of Indigenous issues. This will include targeted events and cultural capability programs for ANZ employees, from the people that serve our customers, right through to senior management.
  • Relationships - The success of our commitments in this Action Plan depends not only on the programs we have in place, but also the strength of our relationship with Indigenous communities and customers. The Action Plan contains goals to build local relationships between ANZ, Indigenous communities and consumers via our Local Indigenous Action Plan program.
  • Opportunities - Helping to improve the social and economic wellbeing of Indigenous Australians is a key part of ANZ’s overall social responsibility. Additionally, because measures contained in the Action Plan are closely related to the business we also expect the success of these new and existing initiatives to translate over time into direct benefits for the business and for Indigenous people. For example, employing more Indigenous people and building our understanding of the experience of Indigenous customers will help us better meet their needs and earn their trust and respect.


Our Indigenous Action Plan Commitments

Our Indigenous Action Plan (IAP) contains specific commitments in four broad areas:

  1. Employment - To employ, develop and promote Indigenous people to establish a team that is representative of the communities in which we live, work and operate.
  2. Cultural Recognition & Capability - To improve our understanding of Indigenous culture to enable us to better meet the needs of our customers. By listening to our Indigenous communities, we hope to better understand and respond to their needs. We promote events, programs and mentoring opportunities for our employees to build greater understanding of the issues facing Indigenous Australians. This includes our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Diversity Network, which is open to all ANZ staff interested in finding ways to better support our Indigenous employees and customers.
  3. Financial Capability & Inclusion - To continue and expand our commitment to improve financial capability and inclusion, and work with Indigenous partners and Government to develop and implement effective programs. 
  1. Capacity Building - To build our own capacity to serve Indigenous customers as well as assist Indigenous organisations improve their own capacity, governance and business skills. 


How do we measure our results?

The public accountability that comes with releasing the Action Plan ensures our initiatives maintain momentum.

The Action Plan is monitored by an Advisory Group (as part of ANZ’s Australian Division Diversity Council) to ensure it is implemented, remains relevant and is achieving its objectives. As we continue to embed the principles which underpin our IAP into everyday business, we report our progress against our IAP with our stakeholders alongside other initiatives which aim to promote diversity in our workplace and the communities in which we operate, and build financial literacy and inclusion for under-represented and disadvantages communities.

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